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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCadence Falls
Heightsizeshifter, prefered height-4'flat
SummaryEveryone's favorite Anthro Alien. Cadence Falls, friends call her Cady; is generally 4 feet tall, slender of build, with blue coloration, black hair, florescent green eyes, big hands, head, and paws, and sharp ears and shoulders. She's optomistic and open-minded. Loves roleplaying, drawing, reading, and playing sports. You can find her on the forums and sometimes in the IRC.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFair BLUE smooth skin with a unique elasticity that's covered in short soft blue fur.
Hair Colour Sleek jet black hair on her head, hands and paws. Head hair is strait and long, with the exception to the curls at the ends.
Eye ColourBig wildly fluorescent green eyes with beady black "X" shaped pupils.
ClothingMostly dresses in brown pleated unique-material suede from her own planet that is as resizable as her skin when she changes sizes. Often tries on new looks aquired from different area's and era's she discovers.
AccessoriesPOD xoxo, her own personalized vehicle from homeland; the Ice planet from beyond the milkyway. Also her growing wardrobe kept safety packed in the extra compartment of POD xoxo.
Weaponrywhat for? All she has to do is give the 'pouty' face, and it's like puss-in-boots; who could resist??
Outstanding FeaturesHands, paws, and head big for rest of her anatomy. Long mid-drift, and nails grow pink. Also, her shoulders have a sharp shape to them not common among the habbitants of Bigfurs.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery curious, typically sweet, innocent and optomistic, quick to trust round about everyone, easily addapts and quick to learn. She listens intently and takes criticism positively with every intention of becoming better through it every time.
Backgroundcan be found in "This whole new world" in the stories section.
LikesLikes Two newly descovered hobbies are drawing and gymnastics, enjoys site-seeing, and is awestruck by the worlds various geography. Loves engaging in conversations with other friendly furs such as herself. Is intrigued by the physical abilities the body possess and delights in learning new skills regularly.
DislikesWater, negativity, and the dark.
Locationwhere ever she lands.
Occupationstudent at BFCC, majoring in Geography.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I must succeed today in order to dream tomorrow"-mine

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