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An old pic... She's way larger now...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKayla Gray
Age24 (as of 2006)
Height8' 9
Weight2425 lbs
SummaryA 24 year old, Larger then Life Ligeress, Who was born in Africa and loves being on top. Is an open Macrophile, Who uses her Hybrid Defect to Advantage that. She lives in Winstonham, South west England, with her room mate, Ritz Beretta, a wolf. Next door to next best friends, Vernon Rouge, a parrot bird thing.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGold Tan Colour fur, with chocolate brown stripes. White thick fur around her maw, chest and stomach, covering her torso almost.
Hair ColourDark Brown, Like her stripes. Straight, with two large bangs over her face and down to her chest.
Eye ColourOcean Blue.
ClothingChanges too much, Tight Lycra, Large tees, Extravagant dinner dresses... Hell, anything or nothing...
AccessoriesEar piercings now and again, Maybe some arm bands.
WeaponryHer Sarcastic Tendencies, Large sharp Feline Nails, Teeth hard enough to bite through steel...
Outstanding FeaturesApparently she has a tattoo on her lower back... But she won't show anyone...

Personality & Background

PersonalitySarcastic and Quick to anger. But can be very gentle and caring.
BackgroundKay Gray was born in a small African village to her English Lion Father, Earl, And her Tiger mother, Seri. She moved to the town of Winstonham when she was 9, due to her fathers return to work, where she found it hard for the next few years to settle into things. She had slowly made friends with fellow class mate Ritza Beretta, Before creating a strong friendship that lasts to this day. Due to her hybrid genes, she has always had a larger height then most of her peers; A few inches extra here and there, but nothing too extreme. Which only added to Ritz's feeling of runtiness. But they always saw each other as the sister they never had. At 21, she took to professional body building like her fellow partner Ritz, when one day she started having to look up at Ritz. They're slowly on the same level of strength and size, and regularly visit the gym, as well as taking part in numerous competions. She currently lives with her Flat mate and Best friend; The Wolf Ritz Beretta. Her house next door to other best friend, The Parrot Vernon Rogue, A pal who originally couple the dynamic duo of Liger and Wolf back in Primary school.
LikesThe feeling of power, Her Family, Ritz, Being on top, The Burn of Working out, A good massage, Laying in, Most Indian Foods.
DislikesThose who dislike her, The Tax man, Being shrunk,Being treated like a Doll
LocationHouse 52, Maxwell Street, Winstonham, Southwest England.
OccupationCurrently works in a Bakery, Much to the delight of Ritz, But hopes to own a Business empire of her own - as well as an Amateur Body builder.
Additional InfoIs looking for love, Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"What an Unexpected Pleasure, Purr"