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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArizona Thompson
WeightAbout 120 lbs
SummaryProbably one of my most used characters in my writing, or mental roleplays (silence, you!). Arizona's personality and background are still being added to even as I type this, so I'll just have to keep editting as the ideas grow. x3 She's single, and will probably stay that way forever unless the "perfect" guy comes along. But she's very insecure when it comes to socializing with others, so the poor guy would have to work awful hard to break through the steel frame around her heart. ;) Hehe. NOTE: If you'd like to contact me (and Arizona, of course!), my deviantART username is PensiveMoone. ^^ I'd love to hear from you! I'm also accepting commissions at the time...you can find more information on my webbie, here: http://www.freewebs.com/pensive/commissions.htm

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe traditional colors of a cheetah (yellowish-tan, creamy-white and black).
Hair ColourHer hair is coal-black, braided and falling down to mid-back.
Eye ColourSteel-blue, though they change hues during different seasons. They're usually darker in the colder seasons, and a lighter, icy blue in the warmer seasons.
ClothingHer wardrobe is simple and fitting—she wears what she’s comfortable in. Usually dons tank tops or simple shirts and slightly baggy jeans, usually hanging slightly low on her hips(she doesnt care much about her appearance). Either seen barefoot (at her home on the ranch) or in flip-flops, when need be. In cold weather, she dons a light jacket or vest (as seen in the pic).
AccessoriesSometimes seen carrying a journal and pen for writing down her thoughts, and is often found carrying a coustomized acoustic guitar.

Personality & Background

PersonalityArizona is a silent girl, often mistaken for being uncaring because of her taciturn nature. She doesn’t easily lose her temper or get too emotional, and has learned to keep a straight face through even the hardest times. She is very flirty, but has yet to find someone to share that quality of herself with. She is dreamy and intuitive, and appreciated the simple things in life. She isn’t materialistic.
BackgroundHer mother died at a young age, because of a fire caused in their house by an iron. She was raised almost completely by her father, and as a result turned out quite the tomboy. Arizona’s father, unlike her, is completely human, but he has been there to hold her through all the tears. In her childhood, Arizona was mocked constantly by the other children for her differences in appearance. She eventually just dropped out and resorted to home schooling. Born in California, after the death of her mother she and her father relocated to rural Kentucky where he had grown up. She and her father live on an old ranch almost in the middle of nowhere, and she’s grown to love it.
LikesHorse riding, cloud-gazing, swimming in the watering hole in her backyard, playing the guitar, singing (country music), writing in her journal, painting, watching it rain, etc.
DislikesPeople assuming she's unintelligent, being judged, rejection, stereotypes, overly girly people, people with inflated egos, and the city (she prefers rural living to a cityscape any day).
Additional InfoWhen she’s stressed, Arizona plays her acoustic guitar, which she’s decorated with stickers, or riding bareback. Her favorite horse is Wild, a handsome Clydesdale raised by her father. She also loves to swim in the pond by her ranch, and isn’t easily embarrassed. As a result, if anyone happened to walk in on her at the pond, they’d find her swimming in her undergarments without a second thought.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"God gave us nature so we'd paint it. God gave us a river so we'd swim it. God gave us life so we'd live it. So dont just live...LIVE TO THE FULLEST!" (she made this up)