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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSetroni (Roni) Sootpaws
SummaryA fursona-less gal, Pensive Moone (known mainly as Pensive, Pen, or by close friends only 'Penny') loves anthromorphic artwork. Though she has no fursona, Pensive has many characters that she commonly uses to represent herself online. These include Roni the Walladrabbit or Arizona the Cheetah, the most commonly used of the two. :3 You can find the rest at her online gallery, here: PensiveMoone.deviantART.com :D

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack as the main color, white secondary coloring
Hair ColourWhite dipped in a caramel-colored brown.
Eye ColourLight, sky-blue.
ClothingFrom gothic/punk type clothing found at Hot Topic to V-ing shirts and a skirt. She dresses to fit her mood. No shoes, ever.
WeaponryDoesnt like fighting, but if she must she is quite talented with swords. Likes light-weight, simple swords that are easy to conceal and carry.
Outstanding FeaturesUhm...is a walladrabbit? XD (Wallaby + Rabbit + Dragon, with a wee bit of cat in her).

Personality & Background

PersonalityHas a rather quick temper, and is easily annoyed. Doesnt like to get in trouble, and therefore refuses to break even the simplest of rules. Loves stars and all that is associated with them.
BackgroundRaised in a small village in the middle of a rain-forest, she is rather used to being around lots of people and dislikes greatly being alone. She has quite a few siblings, but doesnt really keep in contact with them.
LikesFire, swords, stuffed animals, drawing, star-gazing and alot of other stuff.
DislikesThe water (doesnt like getting wet), people picking on her for her size (she's rather short xD), and having such a bad temper.
LocationShe's a traveler, and therefore doesnt stay in any one place. She will sometimes stay in a single location for a few weeks, but never longer than that. She longs to see the world.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I dont know you, we've never met, and all the witnesses are lying. I'll be in the car." (from the book Temping Fates).