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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHarry Yamato Usagi
SpeciesAnthro Hare
Age19(as of 2006)
SummaryHe's a lonely, somewhat shy and very easygoing male anthro dark brown hare. born in Japan, he's a college student with adventurous personality and kind heart.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is a dark brown color. His chest fur is light brown, same for his feet and hands. Ears have black colored fur near the tips.
Hair ColourDark Brown wavy, not too long but not too short, with a "wind-blown" look.
Eye ColourSilver gray, but they seem to shift to an almost golden shine when he's under strong emotions.
ClothingDark gray t-shirt and Black jeans pants.
AccessoriesRed-lens shades which he absolutely LOVE, usually on his head and not his face(holding the ears down like a tiara) and black leather biker gloves.
WeaponryHe's moderately skilled martial artist, being trained in judo(2nd degree yellow belt). he's also the prideful owner of a twin set of tonfa batons, with golden dragon details.
Outstanding FeaturesHe's lop-eared hare. plus he seems to have a thing for black trenchcoats and black biker gloves.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHarry is very honest and kind. one can always expect him to talk openly to blushingly apologize for being too blunt next. He enjoys having fun, which could range from playing a nice game to spending a lovely time with a lovely company. He's got a large heart, which gives him a nice number of friends wherever he goes. sadly, he's been picked on when he was growing up, so he's a bit shy when approaching new people, but once he warms up, he becomes the best friend you could have. the martial art training made him very calm and serene, but he's also very playful and attempts to be funny to make it easier to get along with people, which not always works. he sometimes take a sarcastic approach to the problems of his life and other occurences. he's also easily goaded into doing things he doesn't want to, both by his good willing personality, also because women somehow always know how to play him... His few friends are aware that he loves female furs, although he rarely ever does try to hook up because he's very shy. however, what few don't know is that occasionally he is also attracted(although only sexually) to males. as of hermaphrodites, he only feels attracted to them when they have female anathomy predominantly. if its the case, he feels the same as he feels for females, and might be willing to pursue relationship to both females and herms.
BackgroundHarry was born in japan, where he was raised by his mother. he soon became a big brother to his younger little sister, a few days before his father was deceased for heart failure. the fact didn't hit him very hard, because Harry was always more close to his mother. he took the role as man of the house, often helping his mother and sister by making several oddjobs for neighbours and shop owners of his town. however, one day, he was brutally beaten up by a group of furs who robbed one of the shops and he tried to stop them. the event severely scarred his soul, making him realize just how much unfairness there was in the world. because of that, he took the decision to take martial arts so he could learn how to protect himself. he chose then to leave japan and start to wander the world, hoping to find something he really wished to do. he went to the united states, where he currently lives, joining university to study on computers and programming. He isn't one to set goals, but he aims to earn lots of friends, because he had very few of them in his childhood.
LikesOther furries(of any species and genders ^^), *blush* yiffing... people who are nice to him, martial arts, videogaming, drinking coke, fastfood, soccer and a photograph of his family, mother and little sister, which he always carries.
DislikesMean people, liars, people who are mean to his friends, unfairness, injustice, veggies (yup, you heard me, a hare that doesn't like carrots).
LocationFurtowers building 504, apartment 204, united states. when visiting his family, he lives in his family's house next to an Okinawan beach, with his mother Midori and his little sister Miki.
OccupationHe studies computers in college, currently centering his abilities both in design(for gaming companies) and website management (for major companies he work for). he's not employed at the moment, given his last boss fired him. even as he works, he also teaches judo in local gyms for earning a little extra to pay the bills.
Additional Infoaside being a programmer, student and martial artist, he's also very skilled in videogaming and a budding romance writer. He also is, something he is not one to state often, quite a nice lover in bed...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I'm a loner traveler seeking to find the winds of life."

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