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Character (c) Pensive Moone, Base (c) http://dollz.shouri.com.ar

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePensive Moone
WeightAbout 120 lbs
SummaryA fursona-less gal, Pensive Moone (known mainly as Pensive, Pen, or by close friends only 'Penny') loves anthromorphic artwork. Though she has no fursona, Pensive has many characters that she commonly uses to represent herself online. These include Roni the Walladrabbit or Arizona the Cheetah, the most commonly used of the two. :3 She's 15 years old, soon to be 16, and currently in high school. Pensive is currently in love with her best friend and boyfriend, Aaron, who she intends to marry someday if all goes well. ((NOTE: Everything here is true, apart from the black hair xD))

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourBlack; can be worn straight down, in a pony tail, or in pig tails. Shoulder-length.
Eye ColourSteel-blue.
ClothingPunkish, Hot Topic-esque clothing (ex. black jeans). Loves the color black, especially when combined with red or white. Black shoes with two sets of laces; one white and one blue. (see image)
AccessoriesRandom spike jewelry, studded black belt, or other random knick-nacks. Her favorite is a black bracelet with hot-pink spikes, which she wears on her right wrist. NO piercings, EVER. She dislikes piercings of any type.
Outstanding FeaturesWears glasses SOMETIMES, though usually just for reading as she doesnt like how she looks in them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA daydreamer (hence her name), she tends to get distracted really easily by her daydreams, often not hearing people for minutes at a time and annoying them by having to ask them to repeat themselves. Basically...she's a cancer. Go read the zodiac definition. :B I dont feel like explaining the whole thing.
LikesHer lover, Aaron <33. Music (country, rock, etc). Her iPod (black :D). Anthromorphic/furry art. deviantART. Her online friends (Gel, Nauro, Shadoed, Burro, etcetc). Art. Writing (poetry, short stories, etc). Reading (Holly Black=LOVE). Watching movies. Animals (foxes, wolves, coyotes, etc). Laughing. Being Happy.
DislikesYiff/porn (or anything else sexual). The more...disturbing sides of the furry-fandom. Thinking too much (dont ask). School/homework. Sleeping (it really is a waste of time...too bad its necessary). The morning (SO not a morning person). People disagreeing with her/being told she's wrong. Being wrong. Melted cheese (eww). And...alot of other stuff.
Location...uhh...the internet? :B
OccupationStudent. Artist/writer. Girlfriend. :]

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The trouble with real life is that there's no danger music." ~Jim Carrey