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Inkii Silly (Image done by me)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameInkii Marilin-Kaye Amakiir-Foxton
Ageappears to 17-19 but is actually 259 years old
Weight130 lbs
SummaryInkii is a vixen looking for friends, artistic appearances, and potential lovers.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur: Reddish brown, from nose to cheek bones down throat to crotch is a yellowish white color, tip of tail to about half way up it is black, ears are black, from the forearm to her finger tips is is white, and from her shins to her toes is black.
Hair ColourLong white bangs that come down to her shoulders, with light blue highlights in it. The rest of her hair is about an inch long.
Eye ColourRight eye is a large black patch and the eye is a solid black color, and the left eye is bright green.
ClothingInkii normally wears a black turtle neck sweater, black bell bottoms, and white socks with gray toes. She will often where clothing that are semi traditional to where her mother comes from example a skin tight back turtle neck with a deep purple oriental out fit over it that seemed to shine in the lights, she wore black bell bottom pants, and black tennis hoes or wooden sandles. Average girl wear.
AccessoriesMessenger Bag, laptop, sketchpad, pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, eraser, and a digital camera.
WeaponryTwo chief knives(depending the time of day), or two glock 9mm.
Outstanding FeaturesRight side of face &eye, two tails both tipped black.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySplit She's a really nice girl, but her other personality is a real bitch.
BackgroundOldest of eight, Mother and Father recently divorced. Family line up by age. Duke who's 14 male, Minnie 12 female, Sally 11 female, Bekka 9 female, Bobby 7 male, and the twins Mink female and Chester male age 6. All we're born in the spring time. Inkii's Grandmother (her mom's mom) past way when she was 6 and has been having a hard copping with it.
LikesOther: Friends, dating, art, yiffing, junk food, soda, computers, reading, and writing.
DislikesControlling people
LocationUnited States, WA.
Additional InfoInkii can create minor illusions, and has other magical qualities.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"What's warm, sticky, blue at first and then red?"

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