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Amana Victorious.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAmana
SpeciesZorilla-Lioness Hybrid (SkunkLioness)
AgeA millenium or six... Immortal.
HeightVariable, but often around 150ft.
WeightVariable, but she's muscular. And thus heavy.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and White. Black is her basecolour, and she has white markings. With her muzzle, chest and belly being white. In addition she has two thin white stripes that run from her neck down to her tail, and a third stripe inbetween them. that runs only over her upper back.
Hair ColourWhite, sleek, decorated with golden bands. Hangs about up to her shoulders.
Eye ColourAn exotic lavender/purple shade. They can glow and burn as the eyes of supernatural beings often can.
ClothingBlue and Yellow. Egyptian style top and skirt.
AccessoriesNecklace of dragonteeth. Someone who stood in her way and paid the price.
WeaponryA Sickle crafted by the Gods and similar Staff.
Outstanding FeaturesWhite mottles on her shoulder. And being a skunklioness in general. She's also a supernatural creature. Also... contrary to popular belief, she does NOT have a skunktail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEvil. Not stereotypically so though. She doesn't treat her minions like expendable pawns or kills people who bring her bad news. And she's also a bit of a family person. However she IS exceptionally dangerous, even if unorthodox. She's actually pretty nice to her troops. Clearly in charge, but quite congenial.
BackgroundAmana is the daughter of Maahes, wargod and son of Sekhmet, and a mortal sorceress. I have a huge backstory for her that spans from her birth around her earths equivalent of ancient egypt and surrounding areas, to a far future where she and many enemies fight over the fate of the cosmos. Its really its own little universe seperate from the generic just-like-earth-but-everyone-is-a-bipedal-animal setting(s).
LikesConquering the universe, spreading misery so she can feed on the negative energy, and generally being a threat to whatever isn't part of her unholy army of evil minions.
DislikesBeing thwarted.
LocationHer royal palace on the island of Marashi. (A lost island which she raised from the pacific.) Later the Pantheon homeworld of Sanctuary. A customized little paradise world made by one of her two sons to house her league of evildoers (called The Pantheon), which contains many of my characters.
OccupationEvil Demi-Goddess. Your cosmic threat type being! Best you'd fear her.
Additional InfoAmana is NOT, and I repeat NOT my personal fur. I don't have one, and probably never will. (Because I change my mind all the time.) But if I did make one, the character would be nothing like her. Amana is merely my first char to be used online, so she's sort of a flagship char. But I do think she's not exactly ideal for it, due to being so... evil. And for that matter powerful. Now for what she IS.... Over time I developed Amana into what I intended to be 'the better god-char.' Rather then boring outright omnipotence (twinkish and annoying), she has all sorts of rules about her powers and abilities that both allow her to take on vastly more powerful characters and that allow weaker characters to take her on. It all depends on how much inner darkness they have for Amana to use! She is very powerful though. And meant to be tough for any opponent, but she's not invincible. However in spite of not being invincible she can never easily be destroyed either, no matter how powerful her opponent is. Consider her the rock that cannot be lifted, the wall that cannot be jumped to omnipotence. You can incinerate anyone on the spot? Well Amana's the exception to the rule. In fact if you enjoy incinerating people, you'll have so much inner darkness Amana could break you, because you could do nothing but feed her and make her more powerful. Yet in spite of that Amana can't omnipotently do whatever herself. Me, I think thats fun. Now Amana can be challenged and even soundly defeated and potentially even killed for that matter. It just takes cleverer methods then simple agression. I also should note that in my attempt to make Amana more interesting her backstory expanded hugely.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteVictory isn't about raw power alone, its about applying the power you have optimally.

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