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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTheSkunkCat
SpeciesI assume a SkunkCat? Not just any SkunkCat though... THE SkunkCat!
HeightDepends on the SkunkCat.
WeightDepends on the SkunkCat.
SummarySince Amana is NOT me, but rather a character (and a bit of a sub-universe for superpowered macrofurs.) I figured I'd do one about well... The person behind Amana... For as much as I care to tell anyway. Mostly just to clarify that Amana is a character of mine, but not based on me.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWould probably be black and white, being a SkunkCat. But who knows? Could be some orange or yellow in it here and there... Might even be mocha coloured! Who knows!
Hair ColourWhite, Black... Maybe Black and White both... Maybe Black, White and Yellow... Or maybe Red.... Who knows!
Eye ColourAll colours possible, and several not so possible!
ClothingHey... everything looks sex-ay on a SkunkCat!
AccessoriesClaws, Teeth, Muskglands, 15-year drive warranty.
WeaponryClaws, Teeth, Muskglands, 15-year drive warranty.
Outstanding FeaturesPart mephit, part feline! Best of both worlds!

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm decently approachable really! Don't be too intimidated by the big skunklioness. Still, if you do approach me, it'd be nice if you had something to say instead of saying 'hi' and hoping for the best. I mean really, I'd be happy to talk. But if I don't know you, and you approach me, you should have something relevant in mind.
BackgroundTheSkunkCat is the more neutral name I prefer to use over Amana and it can refer to a huge number of SkunkCats actually... There is of course Amana (Female SkunkLion), but also Noxx (Male SkunkPanther), Mercea (Female SkunkPanther), Siger (Male SkunkPanther), Anique (Female SkunkLion), Shavaran (Male SkunkJaguar) and so forth... (And I do mean and so forth!) Personality wise... I actually resemble none of them much. But they're all skunkcats and they're not even the only skunkcats I have... I got alot of them.. I like the combination alot I guess! And because I have so many I suppose I'm TheSkunkCat, eh?
LikesBeing creative in various ways.
DislikesI'm kind of a misanthrope, so I have this minor looming dislike for people in general. But it doesn't tend to extend much to individual people per se. Unless it does. Then I dislike them too.
LocationThe Netherlands
OccupationSkunkCat. If you are a SkunkCat, simply being one counts as an occupation. Its like being a cat, only much better.
Additional InfoUnlike Amana, I'm not evil... In fact I dare say I'm good. Well... sorta... Actually I'm kind of a cantankerous sarcastic individual with considerable mood swings.

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