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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePay-Back
SpeciesDraco-lupine + angel-phoenix-fae.
Height6 Ft.
Weight600 Lbs
SummaryPay-Back is one of those people that just don't get it, every time she trys to act like what she litteraly is (a bitch), she winds up getting called "cute" she is also a perfectionist, she just can't help but edit her profile all day it seems, some might say or think she's nuts, others know it ! she can often come across as several different people, this isn't too far from the truth although she and her other selves refuse to believe the medical diagnosis... People have often mistaken her for civilized, you can rest assured this isn't completely true, she's only nice when to you when you're the meal.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilver from nether regions to breasts/neck, scaley deep crimson maw, crimson cheekfur going vivid blood red around eyes and ears, black fur covering the rest, long deep blue talons coming out from her wolf paws, golden claws. white tipped tails, stripes of red across her belly, golden thorns lining her back from neck to tails, blazing firey gold feathered dragon shaped wings,
Hair ColourBeautiful pitch black fur draping down past her shoulders going right to the middle of her back.
Eye ColourTwinkling burning blue and gold.
ClothingA small heavy metal collar with a broken chain, a pony bridle (courtesy of Jenna), a silky black tank top customed to fit over her six perfectly rounded perky firm breasts, an armoured breast plate, heavy kevlar navy blue millitary trousers covering her sleak glimmering black thighs and slender legs, standard issue black millitary boots going up her legs and ending just under her knees.
WeaponryBlue jewel encrusted broad sword strapped to her back, Two pawed battle axe customed for use with a single paw dangling from her belt, Blue steal and leather studded mits, Chemical glands in either side of her muzzle-when chemicals combined they make fire Scythe often in use as a giant walking stick, two sai sheathed in a pouch located on the hide of her pants.
Outstanding FeaturesA dragon wolf is pretty disinguished don't you think? Her wings are forever burning gold, her scales glistening due to her fae blood and her silky soft fur equally so. her smart arse remarks quite often give her away and catch peoples eye the most.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThough her life is unstable, she remains quite level headed and sensible, she often takes things too far though she has mostly good intentions atleast 75% of the time. She is pretty easy to get along with once you get to know her, she often comes across as very abrasive in large chat rooms but she opens up quite a lot in private chats.
BackgroundAt age 17 she was reborn as a dragon, though it mostly failed, her angel heart fused with the dragon inside of her, her wings also grew as a result, not to mention gaining a few scales. When she was old enough to go exploring on her own she came across a flock of mysteriously dying phoenix, she sliced her chest open just as they burnt to ash and stuck the ashes in her heart, as a result of this her wings now are ablaze permanately and her eyes burn hotter than ever before. Since all this mixing of species took a major toll on her body, making her feel very ill although she constantly healed, she went and saw an ancient mountain witch docter, who drained her of her blood and replaced it with fae (fairy) blood (liquid magic), her dragon/angel heart wasn't taking this too well at first, but slowly adapted as it was strong enough with the angel in her... She has come a long way since the days of a simple angel-lycanthrope.
LikesDoesn't mind making new friends, she would infact like to have more. She doesn't mind a challenge and just loves a well played game of chess, even if she loses she accepts and see's it as an opportunity to learn. She also enjoys creativity and constructiveness, as you can see, her profile is chockers with her efforts to improve it. She has no objection to an open mind and often finds it refreshing, though she thinks there should be a limit as to exactly how open someone can be, maybe thats where hers closes.
DislikesPeople that poke fun at her when she doesn't deserve it, or even when she does deserve it for that matter. Pointless bickering. Over excitedness over simple things. People that big note either their sexuallity or gender, she believes that who people are, no matter how strange they think it is, are just normal every day people.
LocationAustralia... Though you'll often find her curled up on nice warm rocks and in #domination , #noconsent and #rytads_lair. other places she can be found though seldom hangs around for long are #hermsyiff, #vixens, #ozfurs, #dragons, #dragonyiff