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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLucretia
Summarylucretia is up for the taking by anyone, she knows her place but sometimes she tests you to make sure you keep her in her place, she hates it when people try to claim her for their own since she is a pleasure slave and is here to please anyone, she also really hates it when other subs want dominance from her.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur with a tinge of blue from her nether regions covering her six curvasious breasts and all the way to her neck, sleek red fur covering the rest of her apart from the tips of her seven tails.
Hair ColourSoft black fur draping down to her firm ass.
Eye ColourBrowny green.
ClothingWhite silk panties and a black dressing robe with golden lining and silver silken robe belt, wrist and ankle cuffs also. She wears another pair of gold cuffs above her black bondage cuffs, engraved with symbols of some ancient form.
Accessories7 Heart shaped padlocks piercing her slit and a clitoral shield to prevent self pleasure, her ears covered in piercings indicating she's a pleasure slave, each nipple pierced with a metal circle and two arrows through it cross ways, her navel has two piercings-one on top, the other located on the bottom.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet and submissive, though often playful or disobedient just to get a pleasurable punishment at times.
LikesForced yiff, bondage, beatings/lashings, being helpless and unable to touch/pleasure herself, sexual punishments, water sports-(bare in mind, this is nothing like water polo if that's what you're thinking)
DislikesGetting abused or ganged up on in chat for no reason (especially by people that don't know her).
OccupationLucretia has been teaching herself to be an obedient, talented little pleasure whore, she would really appreciate some advice on how to get better.