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Draconis Rex!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLord Bolt
AgeOlder than the universe of universes.
HeightBig enough to be uncomfortable... for civilization.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPearl White
Eye ColourGlowing red.
ClothingDraconis Rex! An immense, humanoid dragon, Theophilous has the size, build and demeanor to bash his way through anything short of a mountain range. Blessed with a massively broad frame, his titanic shoulders almost as wide as he his high, every inch of him screams power overwhelming. His albino hide is comprised of opal scutes set upon micro-fine ivory scales, all of it lambskin soft in feel, invulnerable as pig iron, but sensitive to the slightest touch. His neck is thick and roped with muscle, yet still long and gracile, a blunt, rock-jawed head atop it's pythonic apex boasting mother-of-pearl horns at his craggy brow and spikes all down his spine. Red-orange flame escapes his small nostrils in moments of distraction, and his vermillion, albino's eyes have a way of boring their way into lesser beings, filling them with the wonder of his majesty just long enough for him to close his wickedly fanged and mighty jaws about them... His cruel and clever hands boast fencing gauntlets of thin, skin-tight black leather... you don't even want to know the sort of beast they were cut and cured from. Should you wind up in his powerful, calloused grip, you'd find the leather over his brutishly male fist sublimely supple, soft and warm in the instant before you were reduced to red ruin in it. His powerful thighs and bulging calves are similarly clad in jet-dark leather, thigh-high conquistador boots that are unmistakably masculine despite their height and tight fit, with thick, lugged soles suitable for stomping cities into rubble. The only concession he makes to modesty is a scant leather thong about his hips that swops down to struggle in corralling his titanic dragon-sex, its thin, butter-soft suppleness conspiring with his endowment to boast more than it conceals. His monstrous, muscular tail, spiked and spaded, sweeps and thrashes dangerously behind him, able to whip and smash as whim and will dictates.