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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKitWings
SpeciesVulpine, demon angel hybrid.
AgeTwo and a half.
Height2 Feet.
Weight40 Lb.
SummaryKitWings is a kit with demon and angel lineage, shi carries around stuffed rabbit which shi assumes to be a toy dolli by the noose around its neck (hir doll just so happens to posses hir soul and has the same colour eyes as shi would have, if shi had any) , shi likes to be cuddled and taken care of and biiiiig colourful lolly pops! to hir, hir dolli is a beautiful redish colour, sometimes it even looks as if it glows, though others usually insist it's white.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite belly fur an white tipped tail, browny red everwhere else.
Hair ColourBrowny red.
Eye ColourNo eyes, just empty hollow sockets.
ClothingBlack and white diaper, blind fold to hide hir sockets (cant see well with it on though o.O only see through it).
AccessoriesStuffed rabbit vodo dolli-known as "lil Luci" (with a noose around its neck).
WeaponryHorns, hooves, claws, fangs. though never seems to have a need to use them, a lot of things just keel over and die when they go to attack hir, usually looks like the victim is wrigglig and writhing in agony while screaming blue murder, even when already dead!
Outstanding FeaturesSleek black shiny demon horns, pitch black angel wings, pretty hooves on hind legs, razor sharp claws, vampire.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySnuggly lovable an ceeewwuuuute.
BackgroundHir mother died at birth, shi lived on whatever rat or cat that excaped loonys in asylum, hiding in cupboards hearing and watching them tear each other apart and eat each other alive. shi found a dolli in one and it's assumed shi loves it dearly the way shi hugs it so. hir eyes were torn out by loony resident, though see's quite well somehow (can cry too).
LikesCuddles and been taken care of, a boob to feed from when hungry.
DislikesViolence, half eaten lolipops, bad food, meany people taking hir dolli off hir.
Additional InfoIs also known as VixenWings and is 7 foot tall on occasion. looking for a mother to take care of hir, atleast part time. (this profile has been co-edited partly by Lucinder).