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Vinnie Quine at summer time (purple shad)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVinnie Shepard
SpeciesFosky (hybrid husky/fox)
SummaryAverage Fosky, her mother was a vixen and her dad an husky. She is mainly black or purple depending of the summer time.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour- Primary Color (the colour on most of the body): Purple during summer time, black the other months of the year - Secondary Color (patch on the belly and tailtip): white - Sock color: white - Paw pad color: light pink - Claw color: black
Hair Colourdepend of everything, most of the time black her natural color.
Eye Colourmay vary between bright purple to light blue.
ClothingDepends of the time of the year, her mood, etc, usually wear purple and black color easily.
AccessoriesSwatch, bandanna, mossberg on her back, socom on her left leg and knife on her right one, she may have a radio backpack and some glasses, a belt of grenade during special occasion, she mostly wear nothing at all, depend of the place.
WeaponryM60 7.62 mm (1), Knives (7), Mossberg with flashlight (1), MEU Socom .45 with laser sight (1), M16A4 with grenade launcher (1), M16A2 w/ rail system and an ACOG site (1), AR10 with Scope, Nuclear ballistic missiles (2), experimental railgun, frag grenades (47), flash grenade (51), and maybe more but unknown at this time. Been seen once with a M1 Abrams and AH-64A/D Apache.
Special AbilitiesShe can move very fast and double jump at 41" high, extremely silents, she can take down a group of 45 SWATs or elite commandos within few minutes. She has a very skilled arms drill and can use various weapons and uncommon war vehicles.
Outstanding FeaturesYet she doesn't fly but have very sharp fangs and a paw tattoo on her rump (need confirmation), her fur color change during summer time (July and August).

Personality & Background

PersonalitySmart, dangerous, apathetic, friendly, sociopath, hyper...
BackgroundShe is born in 1987, and almost never knew her parents during her childhood as they remain unknown location or probably dead, she learned to fight alone during local wars, at 15 she joined the elite Swat and Elite force, at 17 she took over a whole bunker and claimed it near Europe on a restricted location, been missing at 18, some people may seen her on a second bunker near Nagano. The last person who seen her was in Sedona on a M1 Abrams, where rumors say she own a third bunker. at this time, the US army claim to have seen her in Arizona where she created her own underground organization of domestic elite force through the world. Every other information are confidential.
LikesCookies, computing, complex thing, hire people, throws drama, confuse furrs, drive a maximum of different uncommon vehicles as she can, smash her mate without reason and listen weird music.
DislikesUnknown at this time
Location- Europe (France and UK) also an island somewhere (first bunker) - Europe Ukraine Prypiat - Japan Nagano (second bunker) - America Florida Tampa FL - America Arizona Sedona (third bunker)
OccupationFrom the rumors, she spend her time claiming war places and bunkers, taking down secret terrorism groups, she spend her time traveling around the world and collect weapons and war items.
Additional InfoShe is Sociopath, have a full colorblindness, and random moods.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote" I dun want a die /B/tch O.o", "The end of the world will be never enough", "we can forgive but never forget"

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