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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKail Electrin
Height6 Ft.
Weight85 Kg.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourChared black all over.
Hair ColourCharcoal colour, short and done up in spikes.
Eye ColourYellow.
ClothingTight fitting black jeans, and a yellow construction singlet.
AccessoriesRubber soled, steel capped boots.
WeaponryKail can shoot incredibly powerful lightning bolts from is paws, powerful enough to charge an entire city for a week, or to make a macrofurs fur stand on edge.
Outstanding FeaturesHis eyes often flare with sparks when angry.

Personality & Background

BackgroundKail lived a seperate life frome his half brother Fura, though had his own hardships, he was given up for adoption at birth and was never taken in by a family, so the adoption agency urged him to get some work experience at the young age of ten, though the a-a was concerned, Kail took up work in a bio-chemical electricity company that had just launched, after a a few days the company suffered an accident and killed eleven workers in a spill of biochemicals, thankfully Kail wasn't splashed with a highly concentrated amount, but it was enough to give him power of sorts. Kail was adopted by the compnay before the a-a made its mind up to sue, and now works there full time.
LikesLightning storms and rainy days.
DislikesGetting nagged to give everyone there morning zap to wake them up in the morning, especially when they sneak in late and he is busy.
LocationPower plant up on the mountain, over looking the city it powers.
OccupationBio-chemical electrician.