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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJynx Hexen
Height5.2 Ft.
Weight58 Kg.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite from crotch to nose, gently fading into silver with sudden black ear and tail tips, her arms and legs also black from elbow/knee to paw.
Hair ColourLong and black with a short fringe, the rest pulled back and entwined in a tight braid.
Eye ColourPurple.
ClothingMidnight blue robes covered in silver lined star charts and golden specs.
AccessoriesMany rings on her fingers, each one covered in ancient astranomical symbols of a far distant race of mages presumed extinct.
WeaponryMajik, scrolls, charms, hexes, curses, jynxes, magical items, potions, a wand, rings enchanted with various powerful, proctctive and defensive webs.
Outstanding FeaturesA patch of shaved fur on her shoulder with her Master lichs many mooned planet tattood deep into the flesh.

Personality & Background

PersonalityJynx usually keeps to herself and quite often comes across as shy, the majority of times she has ever interacted with anyone she has just thrown playful, harmless spells at them.
BackgroundShe was left on the streets abandoned by her family at the age of six after they found out the old mage blood ran in her veins, she was taken in by an old man dressed in dark robes and his head hidden under a hood, as much as she was told never to talk to strangers, she had no other choice, she followed him and has been living and studying under him almost happily ever since (now if only the stench of his decayed flesh never turned her off meat and made her under-nurished).
OccupationShe is an apprentace to a Master war lich, studying powerful scrolls and thick books, her advanced study is seen as only beginners work in her Masters eyes so she has learnt to cope with her heavy work load since the age of nine.
Additional InfoHer studies involve advanced necromancy, elemental wizardry, divination, and a thick book about some of the most powerful things ever captured in the bowels of hell-(recreational light reading), the demon that intruiges her most was banished into a stuffed rabbit.