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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDevil
Height5.10 Ft.
Weight90 Kg.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCreamy white all over.
Hair ColourRed with bronzish horns.
Eye ColourBlue.
ClothingA red corset covered with black leather straps, along with a black g-string.
WeaponryPitch fork.
Outstanding FeaturesDevil is a character based on the real life personality of a therian folf girl.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTrustworthy, and brutally honest, slightly pessimistic, and maybe a little bit angry at life... (quoted from Ngarewyrd).. Devil is a quiet girl, often shy and maybe a little bit depressed, she is a very wonderful girl but comes across as very angry when things are wrong.
BackgroundDevil grew up with a very abusive family and chooses to believe she never really had any of her own, she has been disowned since leaving home and leaving them with no one to torture, after many years of sitting in her room, wishing for things to change, and a lot of suicide attempts she decided it was time to go, now things are looking up for her, though she still faces post traumatic stress, alcoholism, anxiety/high stress levels and high aggression, along with her ways of coping being stuffed as she drunk heavily from the age of 14 to escape the horror around her.
LikesPleasing her Daddy, talking to friends over coffee, playing pc and video games, watching tv, reading, writting short stories, philosophy and bdsm, along with discussion over events.
DislikesNeedless upsets that happen daily, not having food in the house, contracting fleas off the dog every month.
Locationirc.furnet.org #Devils_Lair
OccupationSwearing freely.
Additional InfoGive her lots of pettings and snuggles and for the love of all that is unholy stop hitting on her, she's practically married!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDarken down.