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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDeju
GenderMale, duuu
Heightfrom 100 feet to 10 miles high
Weightvarys with height
Summaryhe is a size-shifting anthro dragon, his body is musculer with deep blue scales covering his body, he had a large wingspan and whears a loincloth to keep himself deacent, his footpaws are more dragon with three toes

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep blue scales, very tough, lightly blue ones ocvering his belly and groin area
Hair Colour*none*
Eye Colourdeep red, dragon like
Clothinga loin cloth, thats it :p
WeaponryHis claws and feet

Personality & Background

Personalityhes quiet nice to friends but, well... he can be curel and take pleasure in other -smaller- screatures suffering, BUT RARELY, he enjoys snuggleing, nuzzleing and friendly contact with other people/animals
LikesMacro, yiff, feet, rampageing/destruction, males, female, all species of animals, vore
Dislikesbeing smaller than said person/animal
Locationright above you...
Additional InfoAIM: jacoma11 NEEDING PICTURE!!!!