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One of my favorite pics. A gift from a very dear friend.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGabarus
SpeciesAnthromorphic lapine.
Height5 feet tall.
SummaryA brown furred, anthromorphic, lop eared rabbit. His facial features are kind, with deep blue eyes, and a short muzzle, with a twitching nose. His naturally long, flowing ears poke out from under his headfur, and hang down the back of his head and past his shoulders. He has long headfur, brushed back well past his shoulder blades. At the end of his arms are handlike paws, with thick, smooth, black pads, tipped with trimmed and sharpened, shining black claws. His chestfur starts at the same deep brown as the rest of his fur, but lightens towards his belly into a cream colour. In the past, he was known to mainly wear jeans, and a tyedye tee shirt, but in recent years, he has decided to forego clothing, finding a natural look to be far more appealing, and wears only a simple gay pride ring necklace, and an earring in his right ear. As your gaze shifts lower, you see his modestly sizeable sheath and sac, which is brown furred, but lighter than the rest of his body. His legs are well defined, obviously powerful, and capable of formidable speed, and are covered in the same soft brown fur as the rest of his body. They end at his large footpaws, digitrade, with similarly thick and smooth pads to his handpaws, and each of the four toes tipped with an equally well kept, black claw. As you examine more closely, you notice a slight white mottling in the mostly brown fur over his footpaws and ankles.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly brown, with a cream coloured belly
Hair ColourLong, well past the shoulder blades.
Eye ColourDeep blue
AccessoriesGay pride ring necklace, and an earring
Outstanding FeaturesBunnies are just plain distinguished :)

Personality & Background

PersonalityOpen and friendly, quite often hyper. I try to have a good sense of humour, and enjoy sometimes just plain going crazy, so dont worry if you see that ^_^
BackgroundAbout 10 years roleplaying experience, so, Im a bit advanced compared to some other users, but as long as effort is put in, Im happy. I tend to get bored with single line posts in an RP, so, really, Im your type if you can do a paragraph or better, but I obviously dont expect everyone to be at the same level that I am. ^_^
LikesMales, breath control, vore of various kinds(AV,CV, oral), bondage, macros, footpaws, macro footpaws, fear, nonconsentuality, tentacles, snakes, dragons.. I know there are lots more, but I cant think of them ^_^
DislikesPain, close mindedness, scat, yiffery with females (Sorry gals. I make a good friend ^_^), drug prohibition, the closing darkness, jerks, morons, buffoons, idiots, farts in a crowded, stalled elevator. Anndd, lets say... Martin, from North Haverbrook.
LocationOttawa, Ontario, Canada
OccupationCurrently a low rung salesperson for a local Stereo & TV Dealership
Additional InfoOn a side note, I am also therianthropic (Animal spritualist), so if you have questions about such things, or would like to discuss such things, feel free to drop me a line. ^_^

Just for Fun

HomepageNone yet.
BlogWill never have.
Favourite Quote"What are you doing in my Corpse Hatch!?!?" "Montgomery Burns, you're under arrest for murder." "D..umm... Did I say Corpse Hatch? I meant um.. Innocence Tube."

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