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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRua Whitepaw
SummaryI'm a foxcat, foxkitty, kittyfox, kittyvix or whatever you'd like to call it. I have features of both. My general body structure is like an anthro fox or cat, sort of like an in-between form. My muzzle is slightly shorter than that of a fox, but still clearly longer than a cat's muzzle, and I'm a digitigrade. My tail is flexible and expressive like that of a cat, but furred much like a fox's. My overall fur pattern is similar to that of foxes as well.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMy fur is mostly a reddish colour and white, typical to that of red foxes. I have white fur on my tummy, stretching up along the front of my neck and the bottom half of my muzzle. My hindpaws are black-furred, but my forepaws are white. My back has white horizontal stripes, but they're often hidden by clothing so you don't usually see them.
Hair ColourMy headfur shines quite visibly in the light, and is a deep reddish-brown. My hair is long, reaching well past my shoulders and down my back. It is perfectly straight and has no curls at all. I love to wear it loose except when it gets in the way.
Eye ColourMy eyes are a very deep blue-green. Their colour is not unlike the kind of blue you'd find on certain gemstones: dark blue but with a hint of green shining through, like a turquoise stone.
ClothingAnything that keeps me warm and protected from the elements is just fine. I'm often seen wearing just a T-shirt and jeans or shorts, a sleeveless top or skirt if I feel like it. On special occasions I'll sometimes wear something different like a dress, but I'm not really the frilly dress type. I generally feel most comfortable with simple stuff.
AccessoriesFood, a place to stay, a computer to keep me occupied, and lots and lots of friends!
WeaponryClaws! And teeth, and... stuff. But I'd rather not have to use them, really.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI try to be happy, not too outgoing but you can be sure I'll make myself heard when I want to. I can be very energetic, and love to play around and just have nice innocent fun with others. But I'm also sensitive, sometimes things just get to me, and it's always good to know where my friends are.
LikesI always like to help out others if they have trouble, and I try to make a difference when I can.
DislikesI believe that everyone should be equal and treated with respect, and I dislike violence very much. I also hate people getting hurt and seeing others suffer, and I always feel I need to help out some way or another. Maybe sometimes even a bit too much, and I feel sad if I can't help out.
LocationYou can often find me on Anthrochat, Furnet and Second Life.
OccupationHaving fun and learning something useful in the meantime! I seem to want to learn all there is to know. About life, the universe and everything. I guess I'm quite geeky in reality. But I try to be a fun kind of geek. :)

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