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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBebti Chione
SpeciesBlack Fox

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJet black from head to toe.
Hair ColourMedium length straight, usually pulled back into a ponytail
Eye ColourIce Blue
ClothingOutermost- Long white cloak, edges have egyptian glyphs forming protection spells, and a few others. Second Layer - Bebti usually wears decrative shirts, most showing a bit of cleavage but leaves her abs bare. this usually buttons onto a set of loose almost see through pants, where her modesty is retained by the sharp V shaped band along the top of the pants, but her legs are still a bit visible. at the ankles they are tied around her woven sandles, which are ties with leather thongs (thin leather straps for those that dont know). Underwear - usually a see through ivory undershirt and her underwear is nothing much more than an ivory thong.
AccessoriesHer wrist and ankles have small bracelets that chime against eachother. Around her neck is usually a necklace of gold, with egyptian glyphs around it.
Outstanding FeaturesAlways wearing a long white cloak, and depending on mood the hood is either back revealing her face, or pulled forward hiding all but her muzzle tip.