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Art by me, done in ink and color pencil.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameShoutakuNezumi (Nezumi-kun)
SpeciesGiant Gambian Pouched Rat
Height16 inches
Weight4 pounds
SummaryNezumi-kun is proof that good things come in small packages... No bigger than a small house cat, Nezu-kun loves climbing normal sized anthros and perching on top their heads to admire the view. He is a little shy, especially of certain species, but is very friendly and curious overall..

Outward Appearance

ClothingHe is very fond of button-up shirts, and crisp but casual clothing. However, he hates wearing shoes, as they hinder his excellent climbing abilities.
WeaponryNezumi-kun hates violence, and only resorts to it as self-defense. If he can't cleverly evade a fight, he'll use his razor-like front teeth to puncture the flesh of his opponent.
Outstanding FeaturesNezumi-kun's most notable feature is his small stature. While he is perfectly average in comparison to non-anthro Gambian Rats, he is very small in comparison to most other anthros.

Personality & Background

Personalityhonest, kind, curious, shy, and intelligent
Likesvegan food, playing video games, drawing, reading, writing, learning new things, and playing with his fancy rat friends (whom he calls his babies)
Dislikescockroaches, ignorance, hatred/prejudice
Occupationstudying psychology