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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZniv
SpeciesDragoness / Lynx

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPurple scales with white scales on specific sections of the body - and - white fur with purple coloured fur on specific sections of the body.
Hair ColourPurple scales and purple furred feline ears under the horns
Eye ColourPink coloured draconic eyes
ClothingUsually naked A silver battle armour made to cover the hard scaled sections, and a breastplate, and a silk, red tunic wich only covers the lower section of the body, between the legs. - Only used for battle -
AccessoriesCasual jewerley taken from a treasure cave
WeaponryA large silver spear, usually used for battles, and special hunting occasions.
Outstanding FeaturesPurple colored scales covering most of the body, except for the front area of the torso, wich is covered by thin, white coloured fur up from the base of the neck and ending at the bellybuttom area, the inner half of the forearms being white coloured scales, along with the jaw section of the face and frontside of the neck, long, purple scaled wings attached to its upper back, a middle sizes horns on the sides of the head, right up of the long, pointy feline ears, this ones covered by purple, thin fur, the shoulders, elbows, knees and the spine covered by hardened scales. A femenine, toned body, shaped the way of an anthropomorfic creature, but with both paws and lower feet shaped like a western, non, anthro dragoness, a firm pair of C-Cupped breasts on the chest area and a long scaled tail, same size of the rest of the body

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasygoing and mischievous, Smart but careless to a fault, high sense of her vaules, wich makes her stubborn to a fault. Switch based sexual personalities, biased to submission.
BackgroundNot much is known about hir, usually wandering at the base of a forest mountain, wich not many people dares to cross,
LikesLooting, naughty games, stalking preys treasure quests. challenges, hard work.
DislikesHigh society, military beings, weaponry. extremal pain
LocationA dark cave hiden between a large wall with twin waterfalls falling on the side of them, place where hir treasures are hold
OccupationWhatever shi wants to do.
Additional InfoAdept to Water magic, but not traied to use it, weak to lighting and fire magic, wery resistant against earth based sorcery.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThe best hiden treasures are those worth to be claimed

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