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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCrystal Gallant

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown furred body, half brown and pink coloured feathers over her upper body and wings.
Hair Colourbrown furred head with brown and pink long feathers attached over her ear area
Eye ColourYellow coloured eyes
ClothingWhite mini skirt barely covering half her thighs. Pink top, not covering the shoulder area, a pair of sleeves attached to the sides, made only to cover 3/4 of her arms, from wrist to upper side of her arms, leaving her shoulders exposed.
Outstanding FeaturesAnthropomorphic body, resembling a toned human woman, middle sized lion tail, long legs ending in eagle styled footpaws, thick fur covering the upper half of her breasts, long, eagle styled wings on her back, brown and pink feathered.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA very shy and peaceful being, enjoys peaceful places and has a calm behavior. Ironically, she enjoys some naughtyness all the time, having a highly submissive taste.
BackgroundA citizen of Rainguard, was found wandering at the mountain when she was a child, close to the city, saved from starvation and cold and rised as a priestess from the Chaos temple and a personal maid from its princess, the roots of her past before this are unknown, her race usually hiden high in the clouds, barely seen by other species.
LikesHolyness, good people, kind people, Aris Redrain.
DislikesChaos, Evil, Noise.
LocationBeside Aris Redrain, wherever she is.
OccupationRainguard Priest Rainguard Royal Maid
Additional InfoAdept to Ground and Wind magic, weak holy capabilities, but able to use holy magic, weak to lighting, ice and dark magic, unable to stand in direct, armed combat.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote*chirp!*

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