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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKiara

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPurple coloured scales
Hair ColourPurple scales and light purple fur
Eye ColourBlue eyes
ClothingProtective armour covering the neck, legs and tail ( only used for battle )
Outstanding FeaturesNon anthro western dragoness, a pair of large, feathered wings on her back, firm fine proportions, a large tail ending in a furred tailtip.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA very gentle being along her rider, likes to think things before acting, usually helps her master with advice and likes to do so, being useful makes her feel very happy, a high sense of loyalty and protectiveness, an unusual rage might take her if her master or any one important to her is endangered, enjoys the company of her rider quite more than any others rider/dragon relationships.
BackgroundSneveīs choosen guardian and ride, back at their hometown, Mirage, young for one of her class, she began her life with her rider when he was still very young, managed to survive Mirageīs destruction along with her master, her past story is buried under Mirageīs ruins.
LikesBeing alone with her rider, quit, peaceful places, forests, to have a good talk about random stuff. Submissive sexual behavior, but picky about it.
DislikesSeeing her master being with another woman ( =P ), impatient people, being aboarded by other dragons who suddenly attempt to mate her, noisy places.
LocationBeside her rider ( or under him...:x )
OccupationSneveīs Guardian
Additional InfoResistant to all kinds of magic, unable to cast spells herself, her prowess extends her riderīs powers, very weak to lighting magic.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote" Letīs Ride "

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