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this is me in all my crap draw glory

Vital Statistics!

Character NameChit Kennis
Summaryhe's a Ninja puppy who knows what he wants! along side the fabled deity that is the happy fish. He tries to fill the world with comedy and the good word of the happy fish... seriously, don't screw with that fish...he's the one that trained chuck norris and he'll kill you with his chainsaw of happy doom.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblonde fur at first glance... the rest is unknown from mask and ninja outfit.
Hair Colourunknown
Eye Colourhazel, but changes color depending on time of day.
ClothingI'm a NINJA!
Accessorieshas an emblem on his chest, as well as a hypnotic pocket watch...
Weaponrya katana, shurikens, and a lethal fork that can pierce the thickest of hides!
Outstanding FeaturesI'm a NINJA!

Personality & Background

Personalitycomedic... always trying to find something to make you feel better....if not at times a bit
BackgroundI've lived on a boat for twelve years, and was a part of expo 98' the 'round the world rally' when I was young. I do some voice acting and make other things.
Likesbeing a ninja, killing, taking control and raising an aaarmy! writing, acting, editing. being drawn and making people laugh and happy!
Dislikespeople attempting to belittle him...
Locationon a boat... but mostly sighted near the lines of Florida, or somewhere in the carribbean stealing from the local pirates.
OccupationI'm a ninja......also a film editor and voice actor

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"FEAR my Happy fish!" "you are getting sleeeeepy!" "I'hm ridin' me a dragon!" "HOLY NUTFUDDLES!!!"

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