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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAzurial Alkatraz
SpeciesDaemon angel hybrid.
Height6'5 Ft.

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourBald.
Eye ColourMilky black and white, no pupils.
ClothingLoin cloth and breast sash.
AccessoriesAdamantien tooth picks to pull the bits of critters from bloodied fangs.
WeaponryStill the same as the daemon form, pure energy able to flow from the heart and heal, kill, maim, whatever is willed.
Outstanding FeaturesAncient symbols covering the body as raised bumps coming up from the silver scales that tear through from the flesh.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAuthorotive, somewhat primal and barbaric.
BackgroundThe true holy warrior form, an experiment of the heavens, Azurial was designed to be the final hope for the universe, ancient powerful symbols etched into the bone made from an undiscerned substance before animation by the almighty gods themselves.
OccupationHunter and recoverer of all powerful objects, should they fall into the wrong.. Whatever people hold things with!