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Vital Statistics!

Character NameYoji

Outward Appearance

ClothingHis faded blue jeans and t-shirt are his usual clothing.
Weaponrya small dagger with an open edge, injecting the target with distructive nano-machines on contact. this weapon was designed by Yoji's father and given to him for protection when he left home. It is lethal to just about any lifeform and will leave even the fastest regenarators in a state of shock for afew minutes. This is usualy tucked away in a hidden sheath at the back of Yoji's shirt.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy at first, friendly, polite, tends to over analyze things, often hides his true feelings to avoid getting hurt.
LikesFruit punch,Pizza,Nachos,anime,pc games,cherry/coke slurpy mmmmm, hot girls/guys, vanilla icecream! XD
DislikesHaters, racists, the pope, george bush, the quaker oats guy, peewee herman, osama binladin, hanson, death metal, people who dress up their animals, furs that turn down a paw rub, spam(net & the food),any kind of slurpy that isn't cherry or coke.
Additional InfoHis only special ability is that his body is able to regenarate it's self at an extremely high speed.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotedon't hurt me!