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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMichael "Hastings" Blunt
SpeciesAlpha Wolf

Outward Appearance

Eye ColourBrown, pretty normal.
Accessories(as equiped for a raid): Police Badge,3 cuffs, MB5D automatic pistol (loaded with regular ammo), 4 clips of regular ammo, 1 clip of rubber ammo (good for stopping without injuring), 2 clips of AP ammo, 1 clip of XD minuture explosive charged ammo (excels at bustin' locks), and of course, a bullet-resistant vest
WeaponryPersonaly, i belive wolves are born with all the wepons they need. However, an MB5D semi-automatic pistol woulden't hurt in a firefight...
Outstanding FeaturesLarger K-9s; the're more like fangs... I also have an etched ear.

Personality & Background

LikesDogs, cats, furries, macros, automatic weapons, claw to claw combat, using cuffs instead the above two, hamburgers, fries, chinese food, and classic rock
DislikesM.E.S.S., brass knuckles, hammers, drive-bys, underhanded tricks, crime, and, belive it or not, ice cream

Stay in Contact

YahooWhoo hoo!
ICQCharlie569. Huh? Oh, I thought I was supposed to say a codename.
SkypeOooh, I see clouds too!
JabberEh? Is that some kind of knife?