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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePhobos Gekko
SummaryBecause this site doesn't want me to use formatting, my character description becomes almost unreadable =) Instead, it can be viewed here along with any pictures: http://www.gekkofyre.net/about/character-descriptions/phobos-gekko.html

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed scales cover his entire body except for the underside, where black is seen from the chin down to his belly then tailbase.
Hair ColourNo fur or hair at all.
Eye ColourFiery orange eyes with black slits.
AccessoriesThere are two, metallic earrings made of a platinum/iridium alloy in his left ear (silver in colour for those that don't know). Another earring with a silver/blue luster to it is located in his right ear.
WeaponryWho needs anything more than claws and fangs? *toothy grin*
Outstanding FeaturesThere are a number of patterns and other interesting features across his body. Details of these can be found in the full character description.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDoes it burn?