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Tis me :-) Should you want a real me pic, then get in touch

Vital Statistics!

Character NameWerewolf Of London
SpeciesGrey Wolf
SummaryMid 20's fur from just north of London.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMainly grey with touches of white. White belly and white tip to tail
Hair ColourGrey once again with white streaks down the muzzle
Eye ColourPiercing ice blue
ClothingNormally none
Outstanding FeaturesTwo tattoos, one on the right bicep, one on the left shoulder

Personality & Background

PersonalityDefinitely outgoing, can be serious, definitely level headed. Could be classed as a worrier. Always cracking jokes and loves to make people laugh
BackgroundEducated to degree level, currently working in the city, and own my own place :-)
LikesMy boyfriend (alfalfafox) more than anything in the world. Heavy metal fan, especially Iron Maiden. Love going out down the pub or out for a nice meal
DislikesGenerally don't have any real dislikes, save those who type in text-speak, or those who pester me for a yiff :P
LocationBishop's Stortford, just north of London
OccupationConsulting Civil Engineer - mainly highway design
Additional InfoIf you talk to me you'll find more out about me

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Madam, I may be drunk, but you are ugly. Tomorrow I'll be sober" - Winston Churchill

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