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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRyaku Lucienzo Delacroix
SpeciesVulpinus Daemonicus (Demon fox, Appearance of a normal fox)
AgeApparent 22
Weight187 lbs
SummaryPlatinum-blue, long-haired red fox in modern clothing.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep blood red with black highlights as a secondary color instead of white.
Hair ColourHair is platinum blue, approximately lower-back length, and spiked at the top. Two bangs come over his ears and fall down in front of him, while the rest hangs to his back.
Eye ColourHis eyes are a deep blood red in color, they are quite normal besides the coloring. However, depending on his active power(s), they may change with his vision. Most common is his normal red, or green sometimes.
ClothingHe typically wears modernist clothing. Most of the time he's wearing something like his modified Nike sneakers, a black pair of baggy jeans with buckles and straps everywhere, and a grey T-shirt. There are times when he wears other things, so ask if you're confused!
AccessoriesHe has no accessories at the current time.
WeaponryEinsol, a longsword acquired during the middle ages. This is, however, NEVER seen as it resides in his Soul Gem. (Soul Gem: Explained under Additional Information)
Outstanding FeaturesHis stature, at a massive, wolfish 6 foot 4. Also, when naked on his torso, a small symbol is burned into his skin on his right breast (He's not a herm)of the Japanese word for Death. Because of the fact that it is naturally there, the fur is not charred or different in any way above it.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe has attitude. Not typical "go away before I pound you" attitude, but attitude. He's smug at times, and is always ready for a little action.
BackgroundRyaku was born approximately 200 AD. He was a happy little fox until one day he had stolen someone's gold. He found how easy it was to do, and it excited him, so he became a thief. Eventually, however, he chose to steal from the wrong old mage, the mage who cast the curse on him to make him become what he was. It took him nearly 1800 years to finish the transformation, spent in hiding, noone knows where he was or that he even existed until one day he emerges, to find his whole world changed. He quickly adapted.
LikesHe likes action. Doing what he does he's acquired a certain taste for run-and-gun behavior.
DislikesHe doesn't enjoy being eaten all that much >.>
LocationHe lives in the modernist-futuristic/fantasy world of Sikatzu. (It is a world that is currently under construction) However, most of his time he is in any generic modern-day city.
OccupationHe's an assassin. After finally learning about what he was and such he got a good feel on his enhanced physical traits, and after stopping a man with a gun at his favorite cafe he learned he could easily do that for a living.
Additional InfoSoul Gem: The soul gem was the unique artifact he stole from the old mage. It can be physical, or nonphysical. It is a means of mass storage of infinite size, and is accessed in the mind much like one would walk from the kitchen to a bathroom. The object you wish to store only needs to be touched and the soul gem can store it on command. The gem produces an effect, a deep red and black smoke when doing so. The gem can even hide, becoming nonphysical and nearly nonexistant. To call an object, one must simply walk into that other room in his mind and pick it out. Now, Ryaku is the only known diver in existence so he is the only one known who can manipulate this. A diver can hack into someone's mind at touch, much like virtual reality. He can see, smell, touch, everything inside these minds, and even alter parts.

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