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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFox Doji
Height7'4 last i looked
Summarywell im sure you have seen 999999999999 other foxes... just add some guns and armor and boom there i am

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourjust think of a Orange fox =P
Hair Colourlong brownish orange reaching to the shoulders
Eye Colourred
Clothingnormal uses camo with a vest over that and then a full suit of armor, but also in normal cloths sometimes..
Accessoriesa collar with the name Fox on it with some sunglass's and some pounchs on a belt that has all kinds of weird things in them
Weaponrynormaly uses a M82A1/M107 .50 Cal Sniper rifle to pick off enemys from long range then will switch to a M4A2/M203 Assault Rifle for mid range, and if te enemy gets to close will switch to a Deagle or just go for a knife and go melee on them =P
Outstanding Featuresnormaly clad in armor or loaded up with guns or swords

Personality & Background

Personalityi am like a coin, i have 2 sides.. each side is complex in itself tomuch to even explain but ill just say one side is a nice side that wants to make freinds, and have a good time. also i can be very random and love to play jokes on people tho always in good fun, never to hurt.... at least not realy hurt anyway =P then there is the other side.. this side is well just about the opposite, while depending on the situation this side of me is something i wouldnt wish on anyone, but if you some how managed to flip me to this side then i feel sorry for you =P
Backgroundborn in texas mother and father devorced leaveing her jumping house to house untell one day she left home and wanderd around the country untell she stumbled into a top secret milatary base going in she found a new top secret armor that had unbelevable power. soon after she started selling her new found ability to kick ass to anyone who would pay and so it went on geting better and better all the time.. there is actualy alot more but thats about all you neeed to know
Likesarmor, guns, fighting, ocasional drama, weapons, ships, planes, battle ships (like space or sea), killing you, makeing freinds, k9s, cats, foxes, computers, and wolfstanus =D
Dislikespeople who are arogent, or full of themselfs, or that think that they are better then everyone, people that abuse there powers in a mean way, cheaters, cowards....
LocationBehind you... no but realy i live in florida and texas
Occupationkicking ass and takeing names, =D well actualy im meny things but im a mercanary i gess over all becuse i am basicly a gun to hire hehe
Additional Infoim very random you could just be walking up to me and be like "hi ther-" and i would interupt and be like "BEYAHHHHH" =P

Just for Fun

Bloglong dead
Favourite Quote"BEYAHHHH" "NEVA" "no U" "die in a fire" "=P"

Stay in Contact

MSNi forgot it
AIMlol aol