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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaLaKa
SpeciesWestern Australian Coppertail Skink (Lizard)
Height7 foot 3 inches
Weight380lb (being a gainer, can soar to multiple tons)
Summary(Will add one later)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe is an earth colored reptile. His forearms, lower-legs and tail are a deep shade of red and copper with darker spots on them. His face has a brown and yellow stripe that run from his muzzle, over his eyes and to the back of his head.
Hair ColourVery rare for a lizard to have hair, but he does. Its scruffy, about 5" long and brown. His goatee, is not hair thou, more tendril and scalie than anything.
Eye ColourEmerald green. Sometimes changes with mood.
ClothingButton up top, Jeans and if its a cold day, a beanie.
WeaponryGuitar and pen
Special AbilitiesDrawing really fat furs and his computer knowledge!
Outstanding FeaturesFirst thing you will notice is his weight or the impressive length running down his trousers leg.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLaid back, shy, rather kinky and generally a massive dork. Can be very emotive and supportive when friends are in need. Has a rather dry sense of humor and loves to make people laugh when he can. But beware! He can be a complete asshole if rubbed the wrong way!
Likes[General]~ Furries, Games! (Team Fortress 2, Garrysmod, Diablo 2), Music (old school), Chatting, RPn, goofing around, art (viewing and making), Meeting new folks, Computer hardware, Warez, Like-minded folks who are nice! [Fetish]~ Hyper (male and female), Herm, Weightgain, Fat (Chubby to extreme), Inflation (minus air), Pregnancy, Male pregnancy, Bondage, Rough-play, Vore (AV, CV, Normal, no gore), Watersports, Unbirthing, Orally Fixated, Extreme insertions. - Will try anything once.
DislikesFurs who come to him wanting free art and RP. Furs who lie for said art. Users. Attention whores. Comm whores. RP whores. Fair-weather friends. Other than this, he doesn't not like a lot of things!
LocationWestern Australia
OccupationUnemployed currently. System builder and hardware techie.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotelol

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