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(A Wolf from the Tribe)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKayndar Northwind.
HeightDouble the size of any normal Wolf Man of Furcadia.
WeightThis is unkown, but you will most likely see that he is heavy with a very muscular build.
SummaryHe has a very dark and deep voice which is very loudly, his is from the snowy mountains up north and a warrior of a Tribe called "The Trisha Tribe" he has the normal muscular build of any other Wolf Warrior of his Tribe (In other words, double the size of any normal Male of Furcadia)He has a grey fur with light grey spots, his clothes is a Scotish Warrior Skirt (The ones the Barbarians weared)a pair of brown army boots, and a brown cape and shirt. On his chest is there more fur than normal, enough fur to make a pillow if needed, he also has a big white spot on his chest. He has blue eyes and a earing in his right ear. Stamina:Incredible. Strength:Great. Intelligence:Average. Wisdom:Bad. Size:Incredible. Agillity: Good.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingScotish Warrior Kilt, Brown Army Boots and a brown cape.
WeaponryTeeth, Claws, what ever that might come in handy.
Outstanding FeaturesHas a scar on his chest, with a big white spot of fur together with an earing on his right ear.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA real warrior, loyal to the skin.
BackgroundHistory. Kayndar grew up in a warrior tribe called "The Trisha Tribe" which can be found in the snowy mountains up north. He is a born warrior and mastered the skill of using his teeths and claws from birth, his family is big, actually the whole tribe is his family. Consisting of cousins and so on. Due to the harsh surroundings, his will, strenght, stamina and aggility grew fast like the wind. At the start of his 20ties he were double the size of any other normal Wolf man and very muscular too, his weight is unknown due to that no one has every tried to find out. When he turned 22 he were sent out with all the other males who yet havn't found a mate, to find one due to that the tribe has started to inbreed. That's why he is in Furcadia now. (Hey, it's not that bad for a start, right?)
LikesCuddling and caring with a woman, but she needs a lot of stamina because he becomes a bit feral when the action starts.
DislikesHurting people or being hurt during sex.