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Me standing in my usual pose (thanks to comander Andor for drawing it)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAerion
SpeciesMixed Species Wolf : Mainly European and some Arctic
Height1,75ish cm

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrownish, lighter on underbelly.
Hair ColourHair in a darker than fur color
Eye ColourVery dark brown.
ClothingUsually a t-shirt, sometimes a thin shirt if it's too cold (-14c or lower), and jeans.
AccessoriesA watch, and sometimes a book or backpack.
WeaponryPalms, is somewhat skilled at hand to hand figthing even though he's not fond of violence.
Outstanding FeaturesEyes are so dark its possible to mistake them for black on a distance, and is often seen reading or staring out in the blue (or green).

Personality & Background

PersonalityDepends what mood you catch me in. Usually cheerfull and tolerant though, and nearly always say what I mean (if it's to obviously insulting I keep quiet though)
LikesHaving fun
LocationHaugesund, Norway, Europe

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Better me than someone who cares"

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