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Vital Statistics!

Character NameInversus
Height5 Miles - 26400 Feet

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBody fur wild and unruly and semi thick but easily seen are hir muscular frame and overabundance of rump and bust. And hir thick brushlike tail and hir overlapping metal feather wings. Hir fur color right down the middle, white on the right, black on the left.
Hair ColourFur still is like the color, hir head with a wolf, but with pointed ears and grey horns, and a slight point and beak at the very tip of hir mouth and nose.
Eye ColourOne eye on the dark side of hir body holds a stormy crimson. The light side holds a peaceful sapphire. One can look into each and see all that is bad or good respectively.
ClothingShe wears a specially modified Vest. It's white to help prevent side impacts... when she turns. Oh and a mini skirt. It has a belt to hold... things.
AccessoriesOn the belt appear to be ten fox tails. Five black five white... They though appearing not to be attached to any creature seem to naturally grow this way...
WeaponryYou don't want to know that...
Outstanding FeaturesShi's big for one. Shi has a three mile bosom. She is quite fit and strong. She has layered steel wings and talons on all four paws. Shi has a big brushlike tail. Did we mention the bosom?

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery mischevious, naughty, devious, destructive, evil, harmful, kind, caring, thoughtful, helpful, innocent.
BackgroundTo be seen later...
LikesTo play games, to explore, to have fun. To sometimes be rowdy, to be mischevious.
DislikesBeing insulted, being pushed around, being made to do something not wanting to do. Being tiny.
OccupationThe Balancer of her world

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