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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHideaki Hibiki
Height5' 9''

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed [Back, Upper Legs, Upper Arms, Back of Neck, Upper Face, Black [Ear and Tail Tips, Left Hand and Feet], White [Right Hand, Chest, Crotch]
Hair ColourBlack, Short, Sleekened Back, Several strands rising up and swooning down over his forehead and brow
Eye ColourRight - Shining Silver Left - Vicious Violet
Clothing"Casual Outfit" ...Hide wears, when the situation does not require anything formal, a grey-silver silk shirt, decorated with patterns of golden dragons and white blossoms, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of ninja footwear, also known as “tabi”, which are a dark-grey in color. "Traditional Outfit" ...Hide usually wears a deep-pink gi and black sash, given to him by his adoptive father, Zanryu Hibiki, when he was first adopted. Hide also wears fingerless gloves and a black headband he made himself with the Saikyo Ryu insignia embroidered in deep-pink. Rather than wear the headband around his forehead, he however decides to tie it around his upper left arm. "Fighting Outfit" ...Hide now wears a seemingly leather set of clothes, dark slacks which adorn his legs to his feet, such hindpaws wearing heavy black boots, and a dark jacket with gloves made from the same material covering his hands. That jacket is usually left open to show off his white-furred chest and torso.
WeaponryHe currently carries on his person a gift from his biological father which is a Dark Sword, a Japanese-style Sword, or Katana, which is imbued with a malignant and sorrow-filled aura, his lamenting on the absence of Hide’s biological mother and Hide’s own growing misery over the loss of a loved one. The sword is aptly named “Misery,” and its name is carved into its nether-steel blade in some Dark Sovereign Runic. Misery converses with Hide, calling him by the name his father and mother gave unto him, Takehiko, and it regularly attempts to bring Hide closer to releasing his Id, his incarnate dark will.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHide is a person, while always kind, compassionate, and often helpful, who finds himself deeply troubled whenever he loses to anyone whether it is in a match or be it throws of his heart. It is this fault of his that drives him to compete with many people in attempt to prove his superiority, especially when it is a contest of physical strengths and intellectual prowess. He currently is fighting a part of himself which calls out to terribly harm those in his way and take what he deems rightfully his own, this “Id”.
Background[-New Background Story-] …Twenty years ago, during the time before his birth into the multiverse, or more accurately the Earth Litha Dimensional Plane, his mother Tsukiko Yoshi fell in love with a man who was the lord of a vastly Human state. Tsukiko Yoshi was a Petran, the daughter of a highly respected Fox noble family, and her relationship with a being outside their own species was something thought to be horrendously sacrilegious and inherently perverted. She was eventually banished from her homelands when she went into union with this man, whence upon she lost her noble titles and inheritance. Tsukiko did not mind losing such things as she was with the man with whom she had fallen into love. Throughout her time whilst she stayed with her husband, she would however hear rumors that he was not the man she had come to know originally, and he was truly a malevolent person, or rather being or outsider who dabbled in the dark arts. She initially tried to shrug off such notions and thought that the people who had spread such things were only jealous of her husband’s financial and honorable status in society. One year later, she bore this man a son, and they named him based on their individual heritages. He became to be known as Takehiko Reginar du Mardar. The birth of her son brought her much happiness, and she did think that her husband was equally happy with this new part of the family. Her happiness would not be something which lasted for too long a time as she, while tending to their son Takehiko, she found her husband torturing a poor man in utter amusement with certain… body parts which were not naturally attuned to the body of a Human. When her husband eventually killed the victim of his hellish entertainment and devoured his flesh, she picked up her son and hurried to leave her once humble and happy home. She hardly knew anyone in this Human state, and nor could she trust anyone she had come to know through her husband’s invitations and discussions. Growing fatigued and worried, she tried to find a place she could leave her son, a place where he would be taken care of and where her husband would not ever find him. Stopping at what seemed to be a martial arts dojo, she quickly rapped at the door when she discovered there was someone inside its walls as there was a light on toward the rear of the building. When she saw someone was coming to check on who had knocked on their door, she swiftly place Takehiko on the doorstep, and she tried to remember her son’s face and eyes before leaving him for a time only the Heavens would know for certain. The owner of the home atop the dojo and its establishment beneath it was a man named Zanryu Hibiki. As Zan opened his door to look for who had come to it at this late hour in the pouring rain, he noticed at his feet the crying babe of a Fox. Not seeing who could have possibly left such a young cub at his doorstep, he picked up the startled and whining Takehiko and took him inside from out the rain. Tsukiko would be relieved until those who had given her chase finally caught up to her… Zan was very much a lonely man as his family had long died during the times of an old war between the bordering countries, and while he did consider turning Takehiko over to an orphanage, he also pondered over the thought of raising the cub himself. He was beginning to get far too old in his age, and he had no proper successor to whom he would give his life works and principles. Shortly thereafter, Zan took Takehiko in to his own home, and he would come to name him Hide Hibiki. Zanryu would come to teach Hide everything he knew, everything he devised into the art that was called Saikyo Ryu. Hide became a star pupil and an excellent martial artist, and he would go on to attend local tournaments and return to his home as the victor. Years later, when Hide turned to the age of sixteen, Zanryu told Hide of how he had found him upon his doorstep. Originally, Zan had told him while Hide was still young that his mother had perished whilst he was still a babe, and they were the only family left after her death. After finally revealing the truth to him, Zanryu told Hide that if he wanted to leave him to search for his original family, then he would be all understanding. Hide however told Zan that what had happened in the past was the past, and he would still revere him as his father, the man who had taken him in, tended to him, and taught him all these years.
LikesGIRLS, Sushi, Spicy/Sweet Food, Karoake, Origami, Video Games, Travelling
DislikesMayonnaise, Bitter Food, Uppity-Wenches/Bastards
LocationPrime Universe - ????
OccupationA "Jack of all Trades", Bounty Hunter, Mercenary.
Additional Info+Saikyo Ryuu Special Move List+ ... Kitsuken - Foxy Fist This technique is performed by arching one's arm and clenched fist back to one side behind the practitioner. While placed like this, Anima is sent and concentrated within the arm and hand, and when the "bullet" is formed and packed, the hand is outstretched forwardly towards the practitioner's target. The surge of Anima is then forced out swiftly, usually knocking the target opponent back or from his feet. ... Kitsukyaku - Foxy Kick This technique concentrates the practitioner's Anima within his very legs, an initial burst made to launch him from the ground into a swift flying assault. While in the air, the practitioner can then slash out with his legs and feet at a target up to three to five times before landing once more on the ground. ... Zakuraken - Cherry Blossom Fist This technique concentrates the practitioner's Anima within his legs and his striking arm. With an initial burst made from his legs, the practitioner is launched and lifted into the air quickly. While launching, he is able to raise up, almost instantaneously, his clenched and power concentrated fist into an opponent. This attack is called the "Cherry Blossom" Fist because when Hide charges and releases his Anima from his fist and legs, he makes a quick twirling motion and his energy is made physical and visible in the form of bright pink cherry blossom petals. ... Zenten Chouhatsu - Foward Rolling Taunt - "Ikozura! / Let's go!" ... Kouten Chouhatsu - Backward Rolling Taunt - "Doushita doushita? / What's the matter, what's the matter?" ... Shaghami Chouhatsu - Crouching/Kneeling Taunt - "Rakushou! / Easy win!" ... Tachi Chouhatsu - Standing Taunt - "Namen ja ne zo! / Don't you dare lick me!" ... Jumping Chouhatsu - Jumping Taunt - "YAH-HOO-EEE!" +Saikyo Ryuu Hyper Move List+ ... Shinkuu Kitsuken - Sky Shaking Foxy Fist This is an advanced technique derived by Hide from the original Shinkuu Gadouken. By forcing a greater exert of energy into his fist with great pressure, he can swing his arm ahead of himself and let loose a greater surge blast than his previous Kitsuken. ... Hisshou Buraiken - 'Complete and Total Victory Relying on Nodody but Myself' Fist This technique was hand taught by Hide's adoptive father Dan Hibiki himself. By concentrating all one's Anima within his heart, one can release it within an instant and allow his body to move and strike with such strength and speed that his opponent may not see yet only feel it as he hits them repititively until the very end of the move in which he proceeds to knock his opponent with a quick Zakuraken. ... Shinyoushouken - Truly Angelic / Fairy Fist ... Chouhatsu Densetsu - Legendary Taunt - "Chou yoyutchi! / Super easy as cake!" This technique was also taught to Hide by his adoptive father and teacher Dan Hibiki. The Chouhatsu Densetsu implores all the previous single movement and motionary taunts comprised by Saikyo Ryuu, and if each taunt is performed correctly, then each psyche- and energy-altering effect will be bombarded upon the opponent. The ultimate and combined outcome of this show-offish art is the draining of energy from the opponent, this energy then absorbed by the practitioner quite readily. This technique makes it so that the practitioner may then utilize the energy gathered in this way to defeat the most likely bewildered or fatigued opponent, winning the battle with a show-offish Saikyo Ryuu Hyper Move. It is supposedly the ultimate taunt... ... Chouhatsu Shinwa - Mythical Taunt - "Kimattaze! / I'll show you!" This, amongst all taunts, is truly the ultimate form of ridicule and energy-summoning in Saikyo Ryuu. This technique is one which must be learned by the practitioner alone as it is impossible for a teacher to teach it to anyone. The move takes a great inner strength and will, one which strives to improve itself and fight even in the face of defeat... or even death. The Chouhatsu Shinwa is not so much a taunt as it is a superior force installing technique which serves to heighten the practitioner's own strength and Anima several fold... which could also presumably 'taunt' or 'daunt' his opponent. +Id Hide Transformation / Shinma Saikyo Ryuu Arts+ ... Nogitsuken - Wild Foxy Fist This is Hide's 'Kitsuken' technique charged and tainted by his Id's desire to defeat his opponent no matter what the cost may be. It is performed in much the same way as the Kitsuken, but it is done at an exceedingly quick speed without losing any power in the burst of concealed energy. Truthfully, it is this quick motion which gives the practitioner of the Nogitsuken the deadly force of its blow as it swiftly forces the ether 'winds' of his Anima to 'snap' out and explode, producing a fiery shock of a physical blast which will strike a mid- to long-range opponent. ... Nogitsukyaku - Wild Foxy Kick This is Hide's 'Kitsukyaku' technique charged and tainted by his Id's desire to defeat his opponent no matter what the cost may be. ... Zankuu Nogitsuken - Air-Cutting Wild Foxy Fist This technique is simply the Nogitsuken performed in mid-air combat. ... Shio Zakuraken - Bloody Cherry Blossom Fist The once graceful and sensual Zakuraken or Cherry Blossom Fist, the Shio Zakuraken focuses on the practitioners inner jealousy and spite and uses the negative energies of these emotions to strike an opponent with deadly force. Where the cherry blossoms had come from Hide's own sparks of energy while using the Zakuraken, while using the Shio Zakuraken, the cherry blossoms are actually the victim's own blood drawn from his or her body and made crimson red blossoms once in the proximity of Id Hide's raging aura. ... Messatsu Nogitsuken - Death and Destruction Wild Foxy Fist ... Messatsu Zakuraken - Death and Destruction Cherry Blossom Fist ... Messatsu Chouhatsu - Death and Destruction, or "The Killing" Taunt - "Shinisokutoka? / Do you want to die so badly?" The Killing Taunt. Excluding the devastating Shun Goku Satsu and the Metsu Shoryuken, this technique is one of the most feared amongst fighters. With this technique, Id Hide can severely weaken a strong opponent by drawing on his inner most feelings of hate. This negative energy is then used to assault the victim with a furocious and ghostly spirited attack. If someone was to look directly at, touch, or sensual delve Id Hide's ghastly aura while he was performing this technique, then they would drop dead almost instantaneously, the life seemingly sucked out from them. If anyone was the to look indirectly or find themselves within proximity to him, then they would find themselves severely weakened and fatigued, their strength drained. Id Hide has used this technique twice though it has not killed anyone... yet. ... Metsu Shunyoushouken - Destroying Angelic / Fairy Fist +Dark Sword Skills / Oni Iai-jutsu+ ... Fox Trick ... Kitsuzan

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Favourite Quote"Take what you want in this world before someone else gets it."

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