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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMononoke
SpeciesWhite wolf
Height5' 5"
SummaryShe hate to hurt animals and loves to have a Silver and rainbow crystal amulet on. This amulet protects her.She has many friends and lives in a strange world only for animals but it has a protal to the human world. Anyone who tresspasses on her territory with be in big trouble. She's a fun-loving animal and will always protect fellow furs. P.s. She is the ruler of the strange only-animal world.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is pure crystal white but is not clear. It always is coveted by other furs but is never harmed.It is said to protect the animal world.
Hair ColourStained by the blood from a feirce battle for the protection of the protection of the animal's world she is respected by all animals and the humans who live with them.
Eye ColourA strange color like the rainbow. They are said that when you look into them deeply, you may see future sucsess or future mishaps. Never underestimate these eyes though, when you see them hazed over that means a battle is coming.
ClothingWears a color changing outfit of pure silk and armor. it changes with what ever terrain she in in/on. she wears the royal crown of the animal world and will always reamian so.
AccessoriesAn extreamely rare silver and reainbow crystal amulet and the crown of her world.
Weaponryall she bears (and rarely does bear) is a sword, dagger,SOME armor, healing spray,and sometimes bows and arrows.
Outstanding FeaturesNone exept for her strange eyes, fur, and amulet.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySomewhat kind and gentle but is stern when she needs to be. She takes care of orphaned animals( which is a low amount)and never TRIES to fight in war.
Backgroundshe does not have a bad record and is only kind to others of her kind and very few humans.
LikesHer animal world and all who in habit it.She only likes the humans who stand alongside the animals.
DislikesAll other humans and war. She only has war if it is needed.
LocationIn the world of animals and few mythical creatures.
OccupationQueen/student. She protects the animal world as a queen, a friend, and a warrior.
Additional Infonone.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhen life gives you war fight, only when needed.