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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFrank Wilfred J. Aka SiegeMiester
SpeciesHuman -> Closet Werewolf
Age35 approx.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourIn human form, his appearence is quite ordenary, dull brown hair, and a slight tan. However, once transformed, he boasts a deep brown/gold fur coat on his arms, legs and torso, His mane is a distinct dark grey
Eye ColourBrown pure and simple
WeaponryAn extremely wide variety of firearms and explosive ordinance. Ranging from handcrafted rifles and pistols, to salvaged fighter aircraft and missile technology.

Personality & Background

Personality The trauma he has been through cause much damage to his personality rendering him into a rather one dimentional character, and the years of relative isolation hasn't helped him much either. He is a rather paranoid man with some quite eccentric ideas, but deep down, he is merely a scarred young man.
BackgroundLittle or nothing was known about him, his mother and father were presumed to have been of Jewish and angloSaxon background respectively. He has no living relative at this time. His werewolf heritage was undiscovered until recently when he encountered a smaller version of the great dragon, being unable to defeat it in his human form, his rage triggered a long lost family gene passed down from the dark ages.
LikesA man with a strong sense of dignity much of which was lost along with his early life livelyhood when his old home in Sydney was destroyed. He like above all, justice to be done. On a different note, he also happens to be an avid fan of handycraft and workshop invention. since he was on of the few survivors of the "holocene extinction" he was able to have unrestricted access to absolutely every piece of technology he could find. A fan of flying in jumbos as a small child, his matured version of this is his adoring attitude twards flight. Hence the reason why he pilots.
Dislikes Though never really an enemy of the beurocracy, he never empathised with their blatant malcompliance. In a sense, he is glad the the government, the police, and his superior officers were removed during the great cataclysm. Though he has few enemies in life, his arch nemesis happens to be the cause of the destruction of human civilisation. This being identified by him as a colossal black dragon, that cause the death of his parents and destroyed his home. His ultimate goal in life essentially was to either slay this creature or die trying.
LocationLiving somewhere in the remote outback of Australia, as a precaution against wat devastated much of the globe.
OccupationOnce an unwilling soldier of the RAAF, He was essentially the only survivor of the entire organisation came the Holocene incident. Mercenary and an innovative mechanic, he now utilises his skill in the wastes of the Australian outback.

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