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Not me but close/ maby when he is not flexed

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTerrai
Age???? look at background for info.
WeightVery solid build witch makes him a lot heaver than he should be
Summaryvery curious and sometimes hyper, likes to have fun and play ^^ very frendley and happy most times, weres no clothing to cover him self but has a belt and pendent, the pendent glows from time to time with a blue glow, and a big fluffley Tail.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue over most of his body like a fox is red/orange, were a fox is wight he only has the tip of tail and his tummy, his paws and handpaws are black.
Hair ColourHis hair is royal purple, long about down to the middle of his upper back
Eye ColourViolet / sometimes glow a light to brilent blue color
AccessoriesA collar with a magical pendent that changes into a great staff. He has a belt that holds six pouches and stuff for him, In the pouches he puts all small things that he may want to keep from seeds to plants to little micro furs to shiney stones you name it if it can fit he probley may put it in there if he likes it. His belt is made of a very strong leather from the great past, same with his pouches, tho they are all magical pouches of holding, tho he doesnot rember this, he is also looking for his backpack. will he find it *srug* maby maby not ^^
WeaponryHis claws, fangs-razorsharp, tail- witch is like a tentacle in that it can be used like a hand and it is very strong, the tip of his tail can have big spikes fray out all most like a porcupine they contain poison of different sorts depending on what he is trying to do, and has a very strong regeneration ability. has the power of ice in all ways posible now if only he could rember what he could do with it ^^. has magic he uses from a pendent/great staff. has ben given a new sword by Misha the sword is a 8'ft No-Dachi and is fixed to his side, the blade it self is a light purple in color and wickedly sharp, the sheath is black like the night it self, and the handle is a Ruby handle with a snow white wraping around it for grip, and the Ruby slightly shows throw.
Outstanding Featureshis tar body is just a little longer than his full height about 8'0" and his tail is [twice as long as his taur body about 16'0"]= it used to be that way now his tail it eight times longer than his taur body in length at 64'0" long and very very fluffy as well

Personality & Background

Personalityvery curious and sometimes hyper, can seem allmost child like most times,
Backgroundnot much is know about his background tho most ppl don't ask or try to find out about his background so he don't rember much. age: first thought to be more than 200'000 years, now beleve to be more than 65'000'000 years old.
Likeslike to explore, meet new things/furs/ppl, having fun any way you can think of, eating just about anything!, likes to try new things alot ;), that bening anything he has not tryed befor.
Dislikesthings trying to kill him it just hurts to much and he don't like it
Locationdid sleep in the depth of a big jungle and now after a very long and deep slumber he has awoken and started to explore this new world that he has awoken to.
Additional InfoIs no longer dirty from sleeping in the Jungle, has been washed by Clover with shampoo the normal furry stuff ^_^. Now has Camis living in his fur, as she helps him learn about this new world and all that's in it.. Has ask two new travelers that he has meet to travel with Terrai and Camis, there names are Miles and Ilkarin both of whom are nice and like to travel.... has recently had a tail growth for some reason ?? not sure why but his tail is now 4 times the size but so is his strength with his tail. And now his is learning what magic his pendent holds. The power to srink and grow, along with the ability to hold energy as well as it's ability to change into a great staff, has also ganed a new type of life magic a strengthening spell tought to him by Rathbone_Thomas. Height:7'2" and if he flex his mussles he can grow to 8'4", as he does this his fore arms are twice as big, his upper arms are 3 tims as big, and his chest grow to mach his arms nicley, his lower body growes 4 times in muscle size. With his pendent he can now srink or grow, he can srink to about 1 micro meter and to his great size of 716ft 8 inch so far, thanks to his magical pendent.((will update this as i go ^^))

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