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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShingo Kazegin
SpeciesMegawolf/ Human
Height5' 10'' and up. His maximum height is now indeterminate after unlocking his potential...
Weight185 lbs, a lot for someone his height. Not fat, in fact he's quite lean, and his muscles are well toned. Speculation indicates 'macro muscle' within him, a highly compacted muscle that contains macro strength...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark Gray-Bluish fur. Lines his forearms when he's in his halfling form. Covers all but certain parts of his face when he's shifted to wolf form.
Hair ColourNight Black, generally tied into a ponytail with a simple white silk ribbon. The hair and ribbon extends to his lower waist. Generally the hair is a hit with the ladies, but he never set out for it to be like that... His hair turns the color of pure silver when he enters his 'Fuujin' state.
Eye ColourSky Blue, with the appearance of a wolf in them at all times, even when non-shifted. There ARE times when his eyes turn blood red, but that's only if he is truly enraged. He also has a 'Fuujin' form, where he draws upon the powers his ancestor bore, and utilizes the winds at his command. At this point, his eyes, along with his hair, become the color of quicksilver.
ClothingTends to wear relaxed clothing like jeans and t-shirts. Favors his plain brown 'Born to Lose' t-shirt, often paired with a simple vest. Otherwise, he wears an assortment of combat/tactics vests.
Accessories(Iron Maiden)- A tactical combat vest that is armed with 10 Kunai launchers with chains attached to them. The vest is also made of ceramic plating and half-inch thick steel plates, making it highly heat resistant, and in the right circumstances, nigh indestructible. (Deep Forest)- Another combat vest, aptly named for the hidden weaponry it's capable of carrying. Multitudes of slots line the inner part for storage of kunai, shuriken, and senbon. Also, as an added 'bonus', the back of the vest is loaded with needles, set to fire upon activation with the user's chakra. Handy for when Shingo is surrounded. Not so handy for extended combat, it's defensive capabilities are lacking.
WeaponryKunai, kusari-gama (sickle and chain), fuuma (windmill), shuriken, jutsu knowledge, megawolf strength. Also possesses a highly powered 'Fuujin' state, that can only be utilized in the land of his origin. In his case, Japan. Liberation- A new addition to his arsenal, it's actually a physical/spititual manifestation of his most prominent aspect of himself. In his case, his sense of freedom and rebellion. The weapon is an 'ax' of sorts, in both the musical and weapon sense. It can be wielded like an ax, but it's more powerful when he jams on it. The guitar can generate high powered jolts of electricity, and have a higher charge the more spirited and crazy his wailing. The weapon is a blatant ripoff of Nevan from DMC3, but he HAS been playing a lot of the game lately...
Outstanding FeaturesWolf form- The fur on his face is as black as his hair, and forms the kanji 'hei' or peace on his face almost perfectly, with the 'dot' strokes where his eyes are and extending slightly underneath. Also bears the kanji 'Fuu' or wind, on his back, though it's unseen due to his fur, and is often covered. He was born with the tattoo for some reason... Halfling- Has wolf ears, wolf hindpaws in place of his human feet, a tail, and claws. His eyes are also wolflike in appearance, and have a piercing gaze, despite his attitude.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCheerful, outgoing, open-minded, friendly, optimistic, has a strong sense of morals, and warm-hearted. Well mannered and polite, in fact, quite a gentleman, and tries his best to be courteous towards everyone. Lacks inhibitions and will often speak his mind without a thought. Has a tendency to slip into Japanese dialect every now and again when he talks to people. Also called crazy and reckless due to his untamable nature.
BackgroundShingo, unlike many children, was born between three cultures, Human, Furre, and Macro. He was discriminated against ever since he entered this world simply because of his differences. Wolf ears,tail, edged nails, fanged teeth, and slitted wolf eyes, all these are traits of his own heritage. Including the fact that his strength is BRUTALLY high when he's normal sized makes him all the more feared and loathed, granted this blessing and curse, reviled by those who fear what they don't understand. But despite all that, he remains cheerful, positive, upbeat and friendly. He loves to sing, perform, and play the shamisen, his favorite instrument. His strong heart and compassionate soul also earned hin a number of true friends, both normal and macro which can be considered odd among certain circles. He's not the brightest crayon in the box, but his honesty and warmth are his redeeming qualities. A soul as pure as a river stream, a laugh as bright and merry as the summer wind, and a heart of gold, polished to it's finest luster, with nothing but love in it. Also, partially due to his human ancesrty, he is an excellent warrior, theorized to be so because of a unique genetic memory he carries. Excelling in the utilization of ninjutsu and shinobi weapons. In actuallity, he is descended from one of the greatest warriors of the Sengoku Era, Ichiro Kazegin, one of the AkaiGinShu, who's power stemmed from the natural leylines of Japan. Their strength and abilites stemmed from 5 elements, Kaze, Mizu, Chi, Ho, and Rai. (Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Lightning), and the could bend the very elements to their bidding... Shingo doesn't realize his own heritage, nor does he care. He just wants to study and live happily and freely. Untamable as a storm, he wanders where he pleases, living as his feelings dictate, and never regretting a moment of it. He lives for thrills and having a great time, never having a dull or sad moment, be it having a wild time, or simply enjoying tea with his friends. His own innate growth abilities are triggered by his chakra manipulation, and he enjoys showing a display of his power to anyone who cares to watch. Soul of a Hero... Heart of the gentlest pup...
LikesCooking, singing, entertaining, making friends, laughing, training, a good laugh, and freedom. Enjoys talking to people with a brain on their shoulders, and is an EXCELLENT cook, largely due to his highly developed sense of smell, which allows him to know what ingredients are the freshest.
DislikesKilling, discord, death, isolation, seeing others in pain, people that are so wrapped up in themselves that they refuse to see anything beyond their own problems, and confinement. Has an intense disliking for people who see others for their appearance only and fail to see past the outer shell. Also has an strong sense of respite for people who ask "Wanna rp" right out of left field, usually greeted with a kunai in the forehead or a strong tongue lashing, so watch yerself...
LocationGenerally wandering the wilderness and cities, though lately he's taken to going to college, BFCC to be precise. Currently rooming with Stonephox.
OccupationAdventurer, Ninja, Student
Additional InfoWord of warning: Never rub the little halfling's ears unless you wish to see what it's like to have a hardened teen become a puddle of affection. Do to some crossed genetic wires, his ears are his most sensitive part of his body. Bottom line: Give his ears a rub and he's all yours. Also likes playing the shamisen and smelling flowers with his heightened sense of smell.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"A ninja's loyalties lie with his friends and allies..." "Hell on Toast!!!" "Me? Worry? Naaaaah...."

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