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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKonara
SpeciesHorse Taur
Heightalmost eight feet tall
Weightguess :P
SummaryBefore you, you see quite a sight. Standing nearly eight. feet tall is a very well built mare taur. her upper bodyis quite normal by most means, save for the 3 sets of DD breasts going down her chest, filling her out quite a bit. As you look closer, you then notice that there are D rings going threw each of her six nipples. granted, her body is beautifully built to hold up those massive mammarys. Looking down along her body you come to her tauric half, witch is by all means a normal mare body, save for the fact that the feral breasts are quite a bit larger then normal, hanging down from her chest at a good C cup. Threw all of these nipples are more D rings, just like the upper, morphic breasts. She dosent have anything on at all, opting to go nude as it would be rather hard to find any sort of clothing for her at all anyway.