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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTakusay
SpeciesAnthro Feline -- Vampire

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA pelt of yellow, marked and dashed in markings of a deep emerald hue.
Hair ColourLong straight locks of emerald color.
Eye ColourGolden yellow
ClothingA nice fitting long sleeved button down shirt, the 3 buttons at the top of such shirt left unattached to reveal parts of his furry chest. Pants are of a nice easy oving cotton fabric, flared towards the bottom and allowing foot paws to be seen. Shirt of an orange color, whilst pants are yellow.
AccessoriesGolden band in his hair,

Personality & Background

PersonalityTo most Taku was a simple feline being, keeping most private things private and always there for one in need. He was silent and observant, listening and taking mental notes on certain creatures that spiked his want and interest. Some thought him as mute and small, weak and one to be submissive but that was not correct at all. He was dominant and enjoyed to be in control, to twist the thoughts of ones mind to his will and to feed from the memories they offered to him when they spilled out of their mind without much of a thought. He was a vampire...it was his duty to be in control, seductive, silent and luring. The silent ones always spiked anothers interest, and the observant ones always got someone mad here and there making them come close...he knew what he was doing in life, every step he takes, every move he makes is planned and thought out in due time.
BackgroundTruly is un needed
LikesOther males, talking, cuddling here and there, seducing another, and being in control.
OccupationIs known as more of a modern Nomad. Moving here and there nd never truly settling down...
Additional InfoSmokes

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Death comes as swift as the winds"

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