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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArno Wolfe

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur color is all white.
Hair ColourHis hair is white with black tips on his bangs
Eye ColourLeft eye is blue, while the right eye is light blue
ClothingHe only wears black jeans. But when he is formal he will wear a tunic
AccessoriesA black leather collar that he never takes off
WeaponryNothing but magic baby!
Outstanding FeaturesHe has wings. Now, his feathers are furry like. They are the same color as his pelt, and the tips of his wings are black

Personality & Background

PersonalityArno is very shy at times, very timid. He is almost never outgoing or talk active, unless he is nervous about something. When he drinks he is all sorts of trouble, he can be rude, and loud, not to mention outgoing. When he is sober, Arno is very kind, gentle, and loving. But if he is angered you better be ready for a dog fight, Arno fights long and hard, even without his magic.
BackgroundArno had a very sad past. His mother and father bore him into the world with no money, food or shelter. The current Beast Leader at the time, allowed them to stay at his house, if they cooked and cleaned for him. Arno was enrolled in a special school that attended to his needs. Magic being one of them. His great grandfather was a strong sage. And being like his great grandfather he mastered many elements and skills. Now Arno had a problem, he was always tormented about his wings. His wings were basically useless, or so he thought. They didn't allow him to fly, or even glide. All they were to him were just huge accessory's. Now Arno was different, he was Bisexual. Even to this date he keeps in the closet about it, for Arno isn't very proud of it. In his younger years Arno was surrounded by his caring family and friends, but soon all that changed. Human hunters had found his mother and father gathering meat from a daily hunt. They had killed and skinned both of them. Arno was left with nothing, and soon was adopted by the current leader. Two years passed and Arno was exploring the forest. He was caught in a human trap and taken away from the beast territory. Arno was then sold to a abusive man, and his family. They treated him like a mutt. Keeping him on a leash, feeding him with a bowl. Not even letting him sit on the furniture like an intelligent being. It took all the willpower he had to not kill the terrible humans, but he only did so because of the family's son, Jacob. The human boy was 15, and Arno was 14. They both were great friends, and even though Jacob's parents despised him for being so friendly toward the creature, he still did so anyway. There was a connection between the two, and Arno felt at peace with him near. But this didn't last long neater. Jacob was killed a year later by falling off a mountain while climbing. The wolf-beast was devastated, and when the parents returned they bashed, tortured, and even put him on the brink of death out of anger. This was the last straw, Arno quickly cut the chains that bound him and escaped. Till to this day he wanders.
LikesFood: Fish Color: Green Animal: Tiger and Wolf
DislikesBeing made fun of People who are rude Talking to complete strangers.
LocationNone, he wanders.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLife isn't worth living unless you have something to live for.