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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlastor

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCrimson red where it is usually blue and silver-gray where it's usually yellow-ish.
Eye Colourred
AccessoriesHe wears a pair of Aura Bands on his wrists and ankles, mainly to make his Aura attacks more powerful, and to give him some unique Aura abilities, as well.
Outstanding FeaturesBeing affected by a type of Pokerus, he is now able to retract his spikes so that he doesn't unintentionally harm anyone else, something that most Lucario cannot do.

Personality & Background

BackgroundSince his father was a Blaziken, he has access to techniques that most other Lucario don't have. After having been affected by an unusual kind of Pokerus, he gained some unique abilities as well as a different colored fur.
Additional InfoPokemon Techniques: Bone Rush: Creates a bone of aura used to strike wtih. Can currently use it for about 1 minute before it evaporates, but is currently training himself to use it for longer periods of time. Aura Sphere: A Lucario's signature attack. With the use of the Aura Bands, he's able to create much more powerful Aura Spheres. Extremespeed: Moves almost at sonic speed in a quick burst. Has been practicing on increasing the distance of this attack. Blaze Kick: A move he learned from his father. His leg is surrounded in a fiery aura, resulting in a kick that can burn the opponent. Metal Claw: A move that's been changed by the Pokerus. He can change the spikes on his paws into claws powerful enough to slash through steel. Pokerus Techniques: Aura Rocket: From a combination of being infected with the Pokerus and wearing the Aura Bands, he is capable of using incredible Aura powers. One of which is the ability to fire Aura from his front and hind paws like thrust, and fly through the air. Regeneration: The Pokerus also strengthens his healing abilities so that he heals much faster than most other Lucario, or any other living being, for that matter.