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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBane Darkwolf/Pariah
SpeciesManed wolf
Height7 ft 1 in
Weight180 Lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourRight: Pink Left: Gold
ClothingPariah generally wears little. He tends to wear slim-legged jeans that ease up a bit past the knees and sometimes a white lab coat.
AccessoriesThe only accessories Pariah wears are a black collar with a blank tag, and a special pair of goggles that look like little more than chrome panzer goggles with clear lenses unless in use. When being used, the lens color can be adjusted to use different filters. Blue: Zoom Green: Night vision Red: Infra-Red Pink: Diagnostic scan Black: Outline vector
WeaponryVery rarely does Pariah resort to using weapons, but if he has to, he can use most things at his disposal in some way or another.
Special Abilitiesgenerally speaking, pariah's "special powers" are less than special. Because of his long legs and athletically toned muscles, Pariah can jump great distances and run rather fast. Being as he dabbles in free-running (Fundamentally different from Parkour by philosophy) he is fairly acrobatic, and has little fear of heights, bounding between buildings. Note: On loose IC in IRC, Pariah generally has a void linked to his chest tattoo, which holds just about anything you could imagine, and a few things you couldn't.
Outstanding FeaturesAside from his seemingly bad sense of fashion (Which is actually fairly good when he's thinking about anyone else but himself), Pariah's only outstanding features would be his height, his odd eye colors, and his tattoos: A tribal heart on his chest and a tribal wing on each shoulder.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPariah, in spite of his name, is a very friendly person, going out of his way to assist people in need. While that is true, the maned wolf also has a more sadistic side, resorting to saw-like contraptions giving the choice of either pain or death. He gets no joy from things like this, and would never do such a thing to someone who didn't deserve worse.
BackgroundThere are three separate pasts for Pariah. The most used, and most mundane, is that his parents were killed when he was little and he had lived bouncing between friends until he got old enough to live on his own. The other two start the same, with different endings. In short, he wound up being one of the few survivors of a massive zombie infestation. While detonating a bomb that would disperse a vaccine through the infected area, the difference happens. Normally, he escapes with his life, but in IRC, he died, being sent to somewhere like hell, though far more mundane and lonely. After a few years of wandering around, he resurrected himself, back at the age he was when he had died.
DislikesPariah is against a great many things, but in short, the things he can't stand boil down to violence and control. He can't let things like abuse, rape, or denial of will go in good conscience
LocationPariah can usually be found in his den. Even though he grew up in the city, he lives in a man made cave, the hollowed out inside of a huge chunk of stone near the base of a small mountain.
OccupationSince he's a slacker, and always around perverts, Pariah started a candid porn site. He rarely has to do anything but upload new material.
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWAITwaitwait... You put what -Where-?

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