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Tried to draw a pic *^^*

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFoxxy
Height180 Cm
Weight~71 kg
SummaryEeeh umm Hiya ^^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur in pretty normal foxish colors, brownish red fur,white fur over tummy upto his nosie, black brownish paws and earsies ,tail tip white but a little black on the top of it, and some dark brown spots on the upper side of his tailie, and on his lower back.
Hair ColourHe has dark dark brown almoast black hair, reaching down just over his neck,and short puff of hair coming down abit over his eyes, seen in the direct light it looks like its shimmering abit in silver.
Eye ColourFoxxy has big deep warm and happy eyes, in a calm dark green, shifting into a lighter green in the middle.
ClothingUsually seen in his dark green and violet striped shorts, and sometimes a black t-shirt with a violet baby dragon on.
AccessoriesFoxxy hasnt got anything extra he puts on, but has been thinking about an ear ring or something similar.
WeaponryFoxxy would never be seen with a weapon, and is the kind that would run away on the tiniest hint of violence.
Outstanding FeaturesFoxxy has abit extra pointy fur on his ear tips,probably from his lynx grandmother, and white fur inside his ears, also has a somewhat darker brownish color down over his spine to his tailbase, with small darker dots on, but not very noticeable.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFoxxy is moastly positive and all around cheerful, is very shy tough, but always tries his best to make friends when someone pays attention to him, likes to help his friends with anything, thinks more about his friends happines then his own. Like to be childish sometimes and just played with *^^*
Backgrounddoesnt know much about his background, born and raised in the finnish forests, granma who came from up north was a lynx cat, that settled down with my grandpa near the coast, and our family has lived there ever since.
LikesFoxxy likes alot of stuff, good friends ^^ and likes to play games sometimes, loves to cuddle and just loves attention, likes having someone stroke his back *^^*, also loves milk and cookies, likes to think about philosophy and science, and just loves his chill trance and psyrock music. Moast of all he likes his loving mate and caretaker *^^*
Dislikesdoesnt really know what he doesnt like, aslong as everyone is nice and dont hurt each other its all good.
Locationlives in coast city in finland called vasa.
OccupationMoastly just sitting at home and plays with friends since he left the army, altough very lazy, tries to finish of his school.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote" He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man "

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