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Vital Statistics!

Character Namenightshadow
Summaryyou see a 19 year old gothic wolftaur he is very freindly so dont be afraid to speak if anyone here has a furcadia account and wants someone to talk to my accounts name is nightshadow wolfpaw im in alot of dreams but more often then not ill be in the dog pound :3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblack fur with a white under belly
Hair Colourblack with white circles around the eyes
Eye Colourhazele
Clothingnothing sometime maby a t shirt
Accessoriesgothic necleses and braslets and wears a black over coat some times a grim reaper hoody
Weaponrya 5 foot long sword or syth

Personality & Background

Personalityim pretty easy to get along with if you piss me off youll know ;3
Likesart anime cartoons adult swim heavy metal rock puck rock tecno and anime songs
Dislikespeeps with big egos or think there better then everyone eles
Locationexcelsior springs mo
Occupationdrawing or at least trying to lol or playing my ps2 or computer

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote~see with eyes unclouded by hate~ ~we stand in ah befor that witch cannot be seen~