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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVee
SpeciesBat, Egyptian Fruit
SummaryHello,I'm Vee Valon Darkwing, Im intrested in ; Science, Old cures, Poetry, and paranormal things.(The Pic was done by a good friend of mine Katalina so all credit goes to her ^^)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilvery brown.
Hair ColourSilver, ears are tipped black, my mask is black.
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingA baggy shirt with baggy pants.Commando since fur covers all *wink*
WeaponryJaws,Claws, Paws, and some times my swords, I'm self trained with a unique style of fighting unarmed or with blades.
Outstanding FeaturesA small scar on my right shoulder from my last mate.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTwisted, caring(if I like you, if I don't I will let you know), and just an all around smart ass!
BackgroundLive in N.V. In America. I.Q. 126 and I spell phonetically.
LikesCuddling, Rping, Yiffing >>', writing poems/stores, and talking with my friends.
DislikesMost of mankind,Morons,and those wight boys who try to be black.
LocationPersonal Hell.
OccupationWorld Domination
Additional InfoI'm gay, I'm very open minded, I follow the elements as my religina and I'm an alchemist as well if you must label my religion. I can be moody.(not openly yiff crazed so if your introducing your self to me and ask to yiff the same day I will just ignore you)

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote "When a person has something precious to protect... That's when they can become truly strong..." Haku ^^

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